Overcoming Everything with Prayer – Dr. David Jeremiah (11/11/2018)

Learn to be an Overcomer through prayer.
Overcoming Everything with Prayer – Dr. David Jeremiah (11/11/2018)

16 thoughts on “Overcoming Everything with Prayer – Dr. David Jeremiah (11/11/2018)

  1. Prayer is God’s way of enlisting us in what He wants to do. Stand on His promises!

    1. Thank you Lord thank you Lord please keep me and my family in your prayer at all time emergency breakthrough prayer God we’ve been going through a lot of struggling lot of storms asking you to lift the Simmons family and Solomon family and I need of emergency breakthrough prayer father God you love us lifetime just keep bus family an emergency breakthrough prayer keep my grandbabies my my granddaughters and daughters and sons father God we need you right now our daughters need good jobs we all need emergency breakthrough money got to pay all our credit debt and Bill’s off emergency breakthrough breakthrough breakthrough Lord we need you right now right now Lord make all I wishes and dreams come to the light today let my daughter’s don’t get good news in the mail that she going to get her unemployment that the job been trying to stop her for not getting the guy you know we can always count on you and my other daughter she needs prayer emergency breakthrough for her mortgage taxes to drop down and father God just keep my whole family in prayer we love you we need you right Lord Everyday mergency breakthrough prayer has everybody anybody travel up the emergency highways the roads and streets I sure do look them all up or watch over you have your angels watch over them no we need money today we are struggling very bad are you calling out your name for emergency breakthrough prayer Lord give us Lord Heroes in Jesus holy name God amen amen

  2. My son had 2 months and 20 days to live when this came out. I found my faith was good enough for my death but not his. I am growing though. We talked about the lord we both believed jesus as our savior and we both read and studied the bible. I miss him so much. We rented a duplex so he lived next door. And he quit drinking his last 4 years. And there were many more blessings all the way to his last day. I am doing my responsibility that I owe god but I don’t want be hear I spread his word love the best I can.

  3. Dr. David Jeremiah Is Such A Great Teacher aid The Word.. Thanks for my eleven years old son for introducing me to “turning point” is that programme I I first heard Dr. Jeremiah. I keep listening to Him since.

  4. We are to pray without ceasing, according to the Bible. Sometimes though we love God, we can’t find the prayer from our hearts, and if it’s not from the heart it is as Jesus called it “vain repetition ” I want to always have in my heart the desire to communicate with my Heavenly Father. He’s always listening to every Christian in every language all over the world, and He knows each of us by name. How do I become a prayer warrior, when it seems I’m still in boot camp? I’ve been saved a long time and should have my own war room.

  5. As a filmmaker, I love the intro and your sermon to overcome, hits you right in the heart. And praying everyday, is the key to successful living.

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