About Making Christ Known

Making Christ Known is for people ( Christians & Non-Christians ) to gather and learn more about Christ and the teachings of the Bible.

We also try to include information and places to go for family projects, travel, or even to find a Gospel Singing Group for your event.

I am not a pastor but just a person who lives on the earth the same as you. Even so, I’m sure that we both want our world to be a better place and for the people living here for this short time to have inner peace.

My goal for you is to come away from this website with a little more understanding of God’s Word and maybe some answers to help with everyday living.

I accepted Christ as my Savior and have since been called to share that news with others.

I wish you the very best in life and please contact me with any suggestions or comments about the Making Christ Known site.

Thank you very much for visiting Making Christ Known and have a Blessed Day !

– Bob Pardue