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Learn How To Resolve Conflict & Restore Relationships with Rick Warren

Welcome to this video by Pastor Rick Warren about how to resolve conflict and restore broken relationships. In this Christian video, Pastor Warren looks at how resolving conflicts and restoring relationships can help us lead healthier, more productive lives.

Resolving Conflict & Restoring Broken Relationships with Pastor Rick Warren

We all have disagreements from time to time, but learning how to move through the conflict can create deeper trust and understanding between people. In fact, even the great Abraham (Abram) solved a major conflict with his nephew, Lot. Pastor Rick will offer practical steps and wisdom that will help you better navigate difficult conversations. So let’s watch the video and learn how to handle conflict in a positive way. It can lead to restoration and healing.

From the Video — Learn how to resolve conflict & how to restore broken relationships with Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. In this message, Pastor Rick talks about the seventh Beatitude—how God blesses peacemakers.

The seventh Beatitude from the Sermon on the Mount states; “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” This Beatitude comes from Jesus’ teaching that peace is a central part of living a truly Christian life. He teaches that peacemaking should be among our Christian priorities.

What Does a Peacemaker Do?

A peacemaker seeks to recognize the humanity in every person and work to build relationships between adversaries. Peacemakers seek harmony and strive to resolve disputes peacefully rather than resorting to violence or other forms of aggression.

What Did Jesus Say about Peacemaking?

As Jesus said in his prayer just before his crucifixion,

 I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and You loved them, just as You loved Me.” (John 17:23).

A reward comes to those who strive for peace. They become children of God. And, these “children” reflect His character and mission in their lives.

What Does the Bible Say about Resolving Conflicts?

In this video, learn what the Bible says about the importance of conflict resolution and discover seven ways to restore broken relationships in your life.

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80 thoughts on “Learn How To Resolve Conflict & Restore Relationships with Rick Warren

  1. I never get tired of hearing Pastor Rick speak, preach, lecture, joke, etc. I thank the Lord for delievering His words through this amazing man. God Bless the Warrens and Saddleback church.

  2. This was THE best talk on Conflict Resolution that I have seen. God’s timing is perfect because I needed this right now. Thank you Rick and Saddleback for sharing!

    1. Praise God. I need to hear this message again and again . Thank you Pastor Rick and Saddleback church . Amen

  3. I’m not a Christian but I gotta hand it to this guy he’s the kind of Christian we need more of. I totally receive his message.

    1. I am a Christian but we never stop learning. Thank you for your response.

    2. I’m so happy you received! May Jesus open the eyes of your heart to him. God bless you.

  4. powerful convicting message. before I sent a message to my offender, they miraculously showed up on my door! we had a restoration time! Glory to the name of JESUS!




    4. Wonderful encouraging message thank you Mr Rick Warren this advice is needed by everyone in the world everyone that would listen so I can listen and do not take the advice but thank the Lord for a wonderful Stewart like you ministering his word and making it plain for people to understand keep reaching for the Lord God loves it and I do too thank you God bless

    5. @questions on Christianity just make your little corner of the world a place to start…it starts inside my t-shirt

  5. These messages have saved my life, my marriage and my sanity. Thank you God for pastor Warren. Funny thing is I don’t even know him or have been to his church.

    1. @Luxeprivae Media sorry for the late reply. I learned I was codependent and since then went to celebrate recovery. I set healthy boundaries and I’n not a victim anymore. This was like a wakening, God wants us to live a blessed life but we have to work towards our freedom.

    2. @Martin Trj speaking of freedom… do. you have a good email address? I want to share something with you.

    3. @Paul Yates Dav SCAMMER – YEA I WILL BE ON TO YOU EVERY TIME YOU CHANGE YOUR PROFILE. YOU ARE EVIL OF THE WORST KIND. I will warn EVEYBODY. You make my days less boring, cause everytime you post – I will post a warning. So let’s see how this game ends. To Pastor Warren and team – please check this out

  6. If you read this Rick, I just want to say that you are one of my absolutly best preacher and teacher. Thank you so much, and may God bless you with all the blessings from heaven. Lots of Love!!💖

  7. Resolving Conflict is far more rewarding than dissolving a relationship

  8. I’m overwhelmed with raw emotion because this message is the answer to my prayers!  I didn’t realize that the resolved conflict was the reason why my prayers weren’t being answered and marriage was under extreme attack. Pastor Warren bless you for allowing God to use you….you just saved my marriage!  God, I want to thank you!

  9. Nobody has mastered the art of keeping a perfect relationship because all of us aren’t perfect in the first place. Most of us commit mistakes, but the important is we take responsibilities and learned from it.

    1. @Gee Nona Tell me, did you ever inform yourself about the so-called ‘Satanic Panic’?
      If not, how about ‘Prism of the Past; Satanic Panic’ of ‘Illuminatinaughtii’ tells you about it real quick?

  10. How To Resolve Conflict & Restore Relationships:

    1. Make the first move
    2. Ask God for wisdom
    3. Begin with what’s my fault
    4. Listen for their hurt & perspective
    5. Speak the truth tactfully
    6. Fix the problem, not the blame
    7. Focus on reconciliation, not resolution

    1. That is true me and my ex-husband didn’t fix any conflicts
      If he hurt me He never apologized he never It met that he was wrong
      I was the one I was apologized into him, My ex husband will put it under the rug and never wanted to talk about it , After 36 years of our marriage ,I found out he was a narcissistic It’s cheated on me twice but I’m not a woman, We end up in divorce And he said he was a person Christian people don’t do that

    2. To whom it may concern, me and my family are doing amazing! I know I wrote in the comments that my family sucked which was probably not the nicest thing to say but it was three years ago I was younger. I actually ended up standing up to them, doing a lot of praying in healing to the point where I just needed space and I went no contact for a little which was the most hardest thing to do but the most precious to fix my family and our dynamic. God was there every step of the way, God wants us to forgive but he doesn’t want us to be doormats always remember that!

  11. THIS IS SO GOOD. WOW. I took more notes in this sermon than I ever have in any sermon

  12. This is amazing! I’m not a Christian but for some reason this video came to me in my time of need! Thank you for passing along the good word. Words I needed to hear today and at this moment in life.

    1. Tell me, did you ever inform yourself about the so-called ‘Satanic Panic’?
      If not, how about ‘Prism of the Past; Satanic Panic’ of ‘Illuminatinaughtii’ tells you about it real quick?

    2. Gods word (Bible) has all the answers for life. When we are saved He gives us the ability to follow His word. Salvation is as simple as asking God to forgive our sins, believing Gods son Jesus died on the cross for our sins and He has risen…and we are forgiven when we ask/repent, and telling Him we will follow Him…with His help. So simple, and He turned my whole life around. No fear. Peace and joy, even in these end days. He gives us a life we can’t even imagine…and an eternity with Him in heaven. He is real. His word is true. God bless.🙏🕊

    3. Kathy, be careful of other comments…some that will try to mislead you. Gods word (Bible) is only truth. Jesus is the only way to heaven. Follow true teachings, like this preacher on this video.

    4. Hi Kathy. We are in the end days. It will be devastating for those who are not saved (read Revelation in the Bible). Time is short. Many, many things that are mentioned in the Bible are happening. I pray for your repentance (we all must repent) and salvation through the cross of Calvary. If there is a good Pentecostal church around, its important in these days to join with believers. Mario Murillo, Tim Sheets, Lance Sheets are good to watch online. So is At The Crossroads Church in Trenton, Ontario. Reading Matthew on in the Bible is a good place to start…and John 3:16. May you find Jesus, and His amazing Love, Joy and Peace.❤🕊

  13. This really hit home. Especially the part about saying “sorry I was just thinking about myself” I’m engaged and soon to be married and I let jealousy and insecurity control me. I let the past direct my future and that takes the hands of God away from me. I never had a strong parent figure around me and I never saw conflict getting resolved but I’m tired of letting that be a barrier in my relationship because I want to be the change so my future kids don’t have to grow up and fall into the same way of thinking I have. God bless you pastor Warren

  14. This is one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard. It’s long but very rich and wise.

    1. Tell me, did you ever inform yourself about the so-called ‘Satanic Panic’?
      If not, how about ‘Prism of the Past; Satanic Panic’ of ‘Illuminatinaughtii’ tells you about it real quick?

  15. Its always more rewarding to resolve a conflict then dissolve a relationship👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏

  16. I am nearly seventy years old. If I only understood this early in my life. Such wise teaching! But now I will recommend this to family, friends and enemies.
    Thank you Pastor Rick

    1. What if the other person is a mean alcoholic or drug attack or would just not have anything to do with making peace

    2. @Crystal Joyce keep yourself safe, but pray for them. Only God can change a heart.

    3. @Crystal Joyce you are allowed to keep yourself safe, in fact must❣️❗❗… pray for them… are you able to forgive yet❓or ask God to fill you with His love so you can…then watch God move❗❗live and hugs hun❣️💖😍

  17. I’m here because I’m tired.
    I seem to have conflict constantly in my friendships based on hurt feelings. I get to the point where I don’t even want friends. I can honestly say I have avoided conflict at the expense of others feelings or just thinking it will be better over time. This is helpful

  18. How grateful am I for this thorough and holy spirit-filled teaching. There is nothing that can ever compare to God’s word and his teachings! So blessed to know God and Jesus🙏

  19. Pray i can be the peacemaker between my brother and me.
    It’s been 40 years of my addictions that separated me from him. He is a strong Christian, i wasn’t!
    I have 3 years of sobriety now and listening to know how to reconcile our relationship.
    BTW… I also have accepted Christ as my savior.

    1. Go ahead and speak to God about it then HE will touch your brother’s heart and everything will be fine.remain blessed in christ Jesus 🙏 ❤

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