What is heaven really like?

What Did Jesus Say about Getting into Heaven?

I heard a medical worker once say at a cancer survivor’s dinner that he had never met an atheist on the cancer ward at the hospital. With so many people who confess at the final hour (We might not have that luxury), why not learn more about what Jesus says about getting into heaven before it’s too late? Today, we’re diving into Matthew 7:13-14, where Jesus lays down some real talk about the road to heaven. So, what did Jesus say about getting into heaven?

Picture this: Jesus has hinted at this before, and in these verses, he gets straight to the heart of the matter. He tells us there are two roads in life—one wide and easy, the other narrow and tough. The wide road? It’s like the highway to mediocrity. It’s packed with distractions and temptations. But that narrow road? That’s where the real journey begins, the one that leads to eternal life. So, buckle up, Jesus is about to give us the GPS coordinates to heaven!

What Did Jesus Say about Getting into Heaven? Christ Talks about Heaven in Matthew

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.

For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it. – Matthew 7:13-14 NASB

How to Find Your Way to Heaven

The gate that leads to eternal life (John 10:7-9) is called ‘narrow.‘ For example, Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).

This does not mean that it is difficult to become a Christian, but it does mean there is only one way to live eternally with God. And only a few decide to walk that road. This demonstrates the power of faith and commitment when it comes to achieving salvation.

Does Hell Exist?

There is much talk about hell on TV these days. Some people believe that it does not exist but the Bible clearly tells us it does. The Bible makes reference to a place called Sheol, which is a place of eternal punishment. It also states that those who reject God will be sent to a place of eternal suffering. Therefore, it is pretty clear that hell does exist.

So, What About The “Narrow Gate”?

One interpretation of the “narrow gate” and the “wide road” is the difference between heaven and hell.

God desires that all people will live with Him and receive the gift of eternal life along with unimaginable joy. But according to this Scripture message, that is not going to happen.

Why? Because, everyone who hears will not accept. I’m certainly not attempting to describe hell in this study except to say it is total separation from God.

We Have Choices

The sad fact is that many people are not going to heaven. These are the ones who continue to reject God.

They have heard the Word in one form or another but have decided they want no part of God or His promise of everlasting life.

This is the paramount reason that we, as Christians talk to others about the urgency of the situation. Yes, we are all going to die someday (maybe today) but our souls can be saved with but one small prayer . This is the primary focus of the Making Christ Known website.

I always pray that someone will see a verse or read a message that touches their heart; bringing them to the love of God.

It’s Up to Us

God gave us free will but He desperately wants us to make the right choice.

He views us the same as we see our children or grandchildren and He wants only the very best for us. But,

  • How do we get to heaven?
  • Is there a clear outline of what it takes?
  • Will “Doing Good Things” Get Me Into Heaven?

The narrow way is not by our good works. The narrow way is by following the teachings of Jesus Christ and believing in Him. Good works should be done out of love for God and out of a desire to serve Him, but they are not a substitute for faith in Jesus.

Jesus is not saying that to get to heaven one must live a perfect life or do great deeds. For example, Jesus told the thief on the cross who accepted Him that He would be with Him in paradise.

One Word Belief

We strive to be better human beings when we become Christians. Once we believe in our hearts, our hands will follow.

What Christ is saying is that there is one way; and only one way to enter into heaven.

Believing in and accepting Christ is the only way to heaven, because He alone died for our sins, rose on the third day, and made us acceptable to God.

Living His way may not always be popular, but it is true and right. God will not force anyone to make a decision to accept Christ. That decision must be made willingly.

Once a person makes that decision, they will never be the same again. God desires for us to make a conscious choice to follow Him, so that we can experience a transformed life.

My Testimony

Just like you, I have been through many turns and twists in my life. Some decisions I regret. But, my life is much fuller and richer knowing Him.

And, I feel Christ in my life almost daily – the Holy Spirit guiding me in my decisions. Do I always listen? Not always but the direction is always there. What a wonderful feeling having a guide as powerful as God to help me with my everyday strife.

If you have not made that decision please consider it. Once you accept Christ as your personal Savior you will never be the same again either!

Are You Already a Christian?

If you have already taken that first step, or maybe you’ve been a Christian for many years, this page is a good one to pass along to someone you know who hasn’t. A favorite pastor of mine said many times that our job is to;

“Love God, love one another, and make new disciples.”

Love in Christ

– Bob

If you want to know more about receiving the love and life-changing experience of Jesus Christ, please take a moment to look at John 3:16 for more information.

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