Christmas Timeline

A Fun Christmas Timeline

Christmas is a special time of year for Christians to commemorate Jesus Christ’s birth. It can be difficult to keep up with all of the traditions and special days that happen in anticipation of Christmas Day, so we have compiled a timeline of all the key dates leading up to the big day.

Ready for the Holidays? Keep in Tune with this Christmas Timeline

This timeline includes both liturgical and secular holidays, giving you a better understanding of the Christmas season. Read on for more information about how we celebrate Christmas season.

Advent: 4 weeks before Christmas

  • Christian churches mark the start of Advent, typically celebrated with a special church service and the lighting of the first candle on the wreath. Advent is a time of preparation and anticipation for Jesus’ coming at Christmas. The lighting of Advent wreath candles symbolizes the hope and joy of the season.

  • Advent calendars have become a popular way for children (and adults!) to count down the days to Christmas.

Preparations: 1 week before Christmas

  • Traditional Christmas preparations begin, such as decorating the tree, baking holiday treats, wrapping presents, etc.

  • Last minute shopping is done to ensure all those on the Christmas list are taken care of.

Celebrating Christmas Eve

  • Most Christian churches hold Christmas Eve services.

  • Many families enjoy attending gatherings. Overall, the Christmas season is a time of preparation and celebration, and many families enjoy the activities associated with this time of year.

Christmas Day

  • The big day finally arrives and many families celebrate with festive meals and gift exchange.

  • In the evening, family and friends gather to sing Christmas carols. -The celebration of the first Christmas Day ends with a prayer of thanksgiving and reflection on the coming birth of Jesus Christ.

The Christmas Celebrations Timeline

This Christmas timeline for Christians can be used as a guide to keep Christmas’s true meaning alive and meaningful. Through Advent, Christmas carols, and other customary decorations and events, Christians can share the joy and hope of the season with family and friends. This will remind you of the joy of celebrating Jesus’ birth.

Keeping these religious traditions alive will help ensure Christmas celebrations continue to bring us closer to God. I hope you enjoyed reading. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! – Bob