A life of purpose | Rick Warren

You’ve Heard of “A Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren – Here’s the Rest of the Story..

Yes, just like the rest of us, Rick Warren has had his successes and challenges. And, we often look at successful people as people with no problems.

But, we’ll find in this video Rick Warren shares how he works through crisis, personally. Watch the video and comment below if you have experienced challenges (I’m sure you have, me too!)

A Life of Purpose – Video by Pastor Rick Warren

Pastor, philanthropist and author Rick Warren reflects on how the success of his book The Purpose-Driven Life triggered his own crisis of purpose.

The question for us as Christians is, what should he do with this unanticipated wealth and attention?

In this enlightening video, Pastor Warren uses his own story to explain the central tenet of his teaching: that the antidote to spiritual emptiness is recognizing what we have been given…

  • wealth,
  • creativity,
  • talent.

Discover how to use those gifts to make the world a better place. Christ did..

32 thoughts on “A life of purpose | Rick Warren

  1. You can see how he’s made a difference in people’s lives, a very profound individual.

  2. how can be this video have dislikes?? this guy is amazing! he has been touched by God and consequently he is touching so many lifes. Thanks Nick God bless u!!!

    1. Hi Lorena , this video has so many dislikes because Rick Warren preaches good works, Jesus wants Rick to speak of the love , acceptance and forgiveness of God. God loves us as we are, if we come to Christ as we are we will be accepted, and we can recieve forgivness for everything..it is an historical fact that 11 of the 12 Apostles were executed because they continued to say they were eye witnesses that Jesus was risen from the dead. Not only will God forgive us but Jesus promised those who believe in Him would recieve POWER from the Holy Spirit to live holy lives .Rick never mentions power from God either.

      Everyone thinks they are a good person, even prisoners. eg a drug dealer might say ” i’m not a bad person, i sell a fair product at a fair price, not like some theif who breaks into someone place and steals their stuff !”  a theif might say ” i just take stuff from rich people, i dont wreck peoples lives not like some drug dealer getting people hooked on drugs !!..  And  everyone does this,, good is me, bad is stuff i havent done..   i have covered  a lot in just a few minutes , Rick had 20 and said nothing of value..God bless

    2. Well, he spends about a third of the video blowing his own horn. And it takes him a long time to get to his main point. But overall it’s not so bad. So yeah, atheists.

  3. 2 tim 4:3
    For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear.

  4. Why are people so critical? Sure I think he gets stuff wrong, but stepping back he gives a lot of people a helpful hopeful direction. He clarifies some things for me not 100% but with a good spirit and love for my fellow man. For that, I say thanks.

  5. god bless you for this good work… nobody can ever understand what this book has done into people’s lives. glory to GOD…For this great work I can just glorify GOD alone…like Peter, when he said that Jesus was the son of GOD, remember what he told him? so it is to Rick Warren..

  6. I often wonder to myself, How do we work? Who exactly made us? where did our mind come from? where did our souls come from? Does God exist? Why are we here? and What exactly are we?

  7. You know, it sucks to be 42, married, and a father of 2 and still not have a grasp on what it is i’m wired for….

  8. I was seeking for my life purpose since 8 years old. I started to talk to God because I was bullied at school and started to have suicidal thoughts. I cried out, I scolded God and I also blamed God why He allowed all the bullying and rejection in my life. I talked to God almost every day. I found strength coming within although I was a Buddhist.

    In end of 2014, my life hits rock bottom. I made so many mistakes and bad choices in life which I resigned my job thinking to be with someone I met online which in the end it was a scam. I was jobless and hopeless. I called out to all the God or Goddess I used to worship and I even called out to other God I can call their names including Allah and Jesus although I did not know them. I asked who was the God I used to talk to, I used to get angry with and I used to blame. But this God still helped me to stand up again and again. I asked this one true God to reveal. If there’s a true God, please reveal to me.

    In January 2015 I had a dream about a man in white robe. I remembered seeing the man in white robe and his robe was so white and bright. I didn’t bother to look at his face as his hand was holding my hand and he took me to walk around the ancient city. I also saw few men in light brown robe walking behind us. I felt so calm and peaceful walking with the man in white robe.

    I woke up feeling very good as I just walked in ancient city but I did not understand my dream at all. In the same month, I also dreamt about satan in my dream. The black transparent shadow in a well-built man form. He was touching my neck until my chest from behind. I felt something evil. I tried so hard to wake up from my dream after I managed to open my eyes, I realized I can’t move my body. I shouted for help but there’s no voice coming out.

    When I managed to move my body I ran out from my bedroom then I saw the black shadow stood near my living room looking at me. It was the same devil I saw in my dream. I shouted for help from my mom and sis. Then they opened their bedroom door then the black transparent shadow disappeared immediately. I opened my bedroom door and I couldn’t sleep although I let the light on until the next morning. I was so traumatized. I never encountered this in my life before. I thought it was ghost as I was a Buddhist that time.

    3 months later in mid-April, one morning I asked God how long I have to wait to understand my life purpose. I suddenly thought of a college friend whom I didn’t contact for 16 years. I found her in Facebook. She invited me to church and I agreed to follow her to church as I was seeking for my life purpose. Before this, I approached numerology, astrology, tarot card reading, psychic medium to find out about my life purpose but it did not make me understand, it actually caused me to make so many bad choices and mistakes in life.

    After 2 Sunday services, I came home to look for a movie about Jesus Christ. I saw Jesus was wearing white robe in the movie and few of his disciples were in light brown robe then I suddenly recalled about the dream I had in January 2015. But I told myself not to be too emotional or jump to conclusion too fast. There was one scene when Jesus was standing at the mountain top then, Jesus began to shine with bright rays of light when God and Prophets Moses and Elijah appeared speaking to Him. I talked to myself that was the man I saw in my dream as his robe was so white and bright. But I tried to keep cool and reminded myself not to be too over excited.

    I watched the other half of the movie next day. I continued to watch without thinking too much about my dream but when the movie came toward the end, Jesus was carrying a cross to walk around the ancient city, I was stunned as I saw what I was seeing in my dream in January and I cried out very loud and uncontrollably. My mom and sis thought what was happening to me. I told them Jesus came into my dream and I was sure Jesus was the man in white robe who revealed to me in my dream then I was guided to church 3 months later.

    Jesus tried to reveal to me by arranging my college friend to meet up with me and took me to church. If not I will not know Him. After that, I been through few spiritual attacks which I encountered with satan in spirit in all attacks I called out to Jesus Christ’s name:”In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast all the evil out.” Then everything back to normal. I was stunned as I never experienced the power of Jesus Christ’s name until I experienced it myself in a foreign land in Sri Lanka and also in dream and reality satan is attacking those who finds out the truth and who comes to know the one true God through Jesus Christ.

    I used my 9 months of jobless period to experience God through Jesus Christ. Then God has put in a desire and confident in me to seek for a job I wanted to do but always have no confident to do in training. With God’s grace I got myself a career change and working as a soft skills trainer. I started to tell people about God through Jesus Christ.

    I wanted to help people with suicidal thoughts but satan came to stop me. I called out to Jesus Christ’s name. God and satan both exist. Please get to know God through Jesus Christ, seek the truth, learn about God’s words in Bible then you will learn about your true life purpose.

    1. Joyce Choy Jesus says: “don’t ask God for anything for he knows already what you want! ”
      This means that you can’t change the will of God by praying!
      Look at Lourde: millions pray there every year for being healed. But God does not listen and the millions are not healed. He does not care. This God is a failure! Look at the solar system. Only one planet has life. The rest are failures. Look at the universe: no life so far – only failures. Is that what you call intelligent design?

    2. Your faith will be dangerous, if you just focus on testmony. Please study bible to make good foundation of your faith.

  9. Yep…When we live in service, to help other people, you come out of your experiences feeling such elation. You’re on cloud nine, of the highest heaven.

  10. It’s not about me, it’s about making the world a better place!
    Inspiring talk!!

  11. I don’t even care wat u think of him or his teaching. Rick warrens purpose z far much bigger than your rants. The best book I ever read..purpose driven life. Jesus z Lord

  12. The book is life changing, it brought me to a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian and helped me grow my relationship with God. I definitely recommend this book.

  13. About 4 or 5 years ago, I heard a Catholic priest at Mass quote Rick Warren, spoke highly of him.

  14. “I personally don’t have enough faith to be [a person with no faith].”
    – Rick Warren, a pastor

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