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Daily Verses – Why Study the Bible?

Daily Verses – Why Study the Bible?

Life Application Bible Verses for Study & Commentary

Why Study the Bible?

Daily VersesOne reason to start a routine of lessons from the Bible is to understand more about Jesus Christ and develop a more personal relationship with Him.

Our goal at Making Christ Known is to help you to live a better life. Do this one day at a time.

Each passage of Scripture will reach you and your daily problems in some way, at least it does for me.

Hope today’s lesson will help you to learn more about Christian values and answer your question of Who is Jesus?

Daily Bible Study Tips

When studying the Bible, don’t just read through chapter after chapter. Take time to dig in, study, and try to understand the true meaning and how you can apply the verses to your daily life.

How to Learn

When learning about the Scripture and the teachings of Christ, there are a few guidelines to help you better understand.

1. Know What

Read the complete story from the study chapter and find other information about the verses. Look at references given.

2. So What

What does the verse mean? Study the passages and ask yourself this question. Pray about it and ask God for understanding.

3. Now What

How does this reading apply to me as a Christian? What about those who have not yet accepted Christ? What do we do about it?

The C&E Reader

Don’t just read on Christmas or Easter. A good plan is to look at the Bible each day – make it a habit.

Start using the lessons in your daily life and use God’s Word as your guide. You’ll be amazed at the “coincidence” of the verses as they relate to events happening in your life right now.

Studying Scripture for Daily Living

When you take on this challenge of Scripture study for daily living and application you’ll find it’s not such a chore to read chapters.

You will discover insight and wisdom you never knew existed and, if you are like me, you’ll find answers to most situations and challenges in your daily living. Try it out and see for yourself.

What are You Going to Receive?

When you read the Bible daily, what lesson will you receive to get the true benefits from God’s Word? Each person will learn something different and the application will be unique.

Set Up Your Own Group

If you do choose to run any type of study group, don’t worry, you are not alone. You might even want to talk with your own clergy person to see what they would recommend to get you started.

Once you are moving along, you may have no trouble deciding where to go next. Even better, you can always take what you have studied in church that week, and then expand on that subject during your weekly Bible study sessions.

You Should Go to Church but Scripture Reading Shouldn’t Stop There

There is only so much time in church each week, and that means something has been left out.

This is the perfect time to get more information. Take a few moments each day to do your Bible study lessons online or in written form; and do more talking to others.

Study Your Bible Online

You can also look online for resources to help you with your daily Scripture reading.
Some resources are free for the taking, and some have a price tag. However, you probably will be happy with the material no matter which way you go.

You can usually get more direction when you take something for a fee, and that is simply because that information is usually more in-depth and useful. Either will work though, and that depends on you.

Ideas for Daily Bible Lessons

One thought is to get ideas for learning from your fellow students, and you may find that everyone is willing to pitch in to get what you need for your Bible study lessons.

Hope you keep these Bible study and the lessons in mind when looking for Christian tutorials. Learning is an ongoing project and reading about the prophets and disciples is no different.

If you are a novice, a good place to start is in the study of Mark or Matthew (leaning toward the former) but you can also learn about the Savior through John or Luke.

Why Study the Old Testament?

To further your knowledge and get foreshadowing about Christ, you might decide to take on the Old Testament with the Book of Genesis or even Judges. I like to think of these chapters and verses as the “history of God” as He related to His people, the Israelites.

I love studying and learning about this book and you will too but, as stated above, if you are a recent Christian or totally new to Scripture the New Testament; specifically Mark is most likely a better place to begin your education.


You may not realize it or take time to think about it until you are old enough to make advanced inferences and engage in challenges of the intellect, but the first commentaries shape you, condition you for future references if not future faiths.

Reading to Strengthen Faith

Having faith is a continuous journey and, through prayer, routine, learning commentaries and lessons from the Bible you can develop more knowledge about who Christ is and feel a closeness to God you never knew was possible no matter if you are Baptist, Methodist or Catholic.

Studying will Help You Discover Who Christ Is

It is easy to see the glory of Christ in the verses you read both from the Old and New Testament. I hope these passages will start you on the right path to answering the question; “Who is Jesus Christ?”.

Make Time to Study Your Bible

So, don’t give in to the “no time” excuse and engage yourself in a good Baptist Bible study lesson and program, or at least a daily reading of verses with a commentary. And then?

Apply what you learned to your life! You’ll be amazed as each reading will help you in daily living.

About: Bob Pardue was ordained as deacon at Rich Hill Baptist Church in Lancaster, SC. He is the author of Making Christ Known – an online Bible study outreach.