Is He Seeking Us or Are We Seeking Him? | Dr. David Jeremiah Video | John 4:1-30

In this video sermon, Dr. David Jeremiah explores Jesus’s encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. The central question is: Is God seeking us or are we seeking Him?

Dr. David Jeremiah Video Asks The Question – Is He Seeking Us or Are We Seeking Him?

This video shows a sense of the cultural and historical context surrounding the interaction between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. Due to Dr. Jeremiah’s biblical expertise, we gain understanding of what took place. Above all, he highlights;

  • the societal norms of the time,
  • an animosity between Jews and Samaritans,
  • coupled with the significance of Jacob’s well in the narrative (John 4:1-6).

With a contextual understanding, we understand the deeper spiritual truths in the passage.

God’s Initiative in Seeking Us

Drawing from the passage in John 4:7-26, Dr. Jeremiah emphasizes God’s proactive pursuit of humanity. Chiefly, he explores how Jesus, by engaging the Samaritan woman in conversation and revealing her past. And finally, he demonstrates God’s relentless love and pursuit of individuals, irrespective of their background or circumstances. Through this encounter, Dr. Jeremiah underscores the theological truth that God takes the initiative in seeking out and drawing people to Himself.

The Human Response: Seeking Him in Spirit and Truth

Continuing his exposition, Dr. Jeremiah shifts focus to the Samaritan woman’s response to Jesus’s revelation. And, he explains her subsequent proclamation to her community (John 4:27-30). At this point, he underscores the importance of genuine worship characterized by a sincere heart and truthfulness. By examining the Samaritan woman’s journey from skepticism to faith, Dr. Jeremiah encourages listeners to emulate her example by:

  • seeking God earnestly,
  • embracing His truth,
  • and sharing their newfound faith with others.

Seeking God in Spirit and Truth

Dr. David Jeremiah’s exploration of John 4:1-30 illuminates the profound truth of God’s relentless pursuit of humanity. And, it calls for individuals to respond to His initiative by seeking Him in spirit and truth.

Through a balanced blend of analysis and reflection, Dr. Jeremiah provides insightful perspectives on the dynamics of divine-human interaction. He invites believers to deepen their relationship with God and share His love with others. Altogether his sermon is like a master chef carefully combining a variety of ingredients. He creates a delicious and harmonious dish. And each part is essential to making the meal complete.

Truth is, Dr. David Jeremiah videos always inspire as well as informs. I hope you enjoyed this one! You can watch more like this one here.

From Dr. Jeremiah:

In the Bible, we see sinners seeking God. But it also says that no one seeks after God—that Jesus came to seek the lost. Is the Bible contradicting itself? Dr. David Jeremiah clears away the confusion.

00:00 – The Living Water leads to questions
01:08 – Dr. Jeremiah’s message – “Is He Seeking Us or Are We Seeking Him?”
23:34 – Next Time on Turning Point

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  2. It seems to me im always seeking the Lord Jesus I don’t know why I thought I found him but yet I keep seeking.

  3. Someday I want to visit your church. You are such a wonderful church and the great God giving preaching. Praying for Dr. Jeremiah

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  6. Thank you pastor for this good sermon. I am Catholic and greatly enjoy a good sermon.i never understood why some pastors thought it was a good idea to say bad things about other’s of the same faith . You never do that . That’s only one of the reasons i like you thank you pastor.

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