“Life is too IMPORTANT to waste” – Rick Warren’s Top 10 Rules

In this video, Rick Warren talks about his “rules for success”. But, the success you find may not be monetary, or advancement at work.

Success means different things to different people. For Christians, success might mean a closer relationship with God.

So pray, and then apply the rules to your life from where you are at this point.

Video by Rick Warren – Life is Too Important to Waste!

Rick Warren’s Top 10 Rules For Success: In this video we’re going to learn how to improve our lives by analyzing our take on Rick Warren’s rules for success.

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1. Fight to WIN
2. Clarify your values
3. Learn by doing
4. Go through the failure
5. Examine your own conduct
6. Be gentle
7. Rest
8. Focus on the future
9. Change your thoughts
10. Don’t seek approval
-= BONUS =-
* Know what matters
* Accept your own flaws

✎ He graduated from Ukiah High School in 1972, where he founded the first Christian club on the school’s campus, The Fishers of Men Club.

Rick Warren Mentors

Rick considers Billy Graham, Peter Drucker, and his own father to be among his mentors. Warren says he was called to full-time ministry when he was a 19-year-old student at California Baptist University.

In 1980 he held Saddleback Church’s first public service on Easter Sunday at the Laguna Hills High School Theater with 200 people in attendance.

He is perhaps best known for the subsequent book The Purpose Driven Life which has sold more than 30 million copies.

Because of the success of his book sales, in 2005 Warren returned his 25 years of salary to the church and discontinued taking a salary.

He has been invited to speak at national and international forums, including the United Nations, Harvard, TED, and Time’s Global Health Summit. He was named by Time magazine as one of “15 World Leaders Who Mattered Most in 2004”.

Erik Coleman: “Can you make a video on Pastor Craig Groschel and/or Pastor Rick Warren. Both are extremely wealthy from utilizing their skill sets & abilities. Each are authors and revolutionaries with extraordinary life’s.”

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38 thoughts on ““Life is too IMPORTANT to waste” – Rick Warren’s Top 10 Rules

  1. “YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE’S APPROVAL TO BE HAPPY” great video! I’m so happy I found your channel 🙂

    1. Grateful to have you here Zulema. 🙂 Welcome to the channel and to #BelieveNation. I hope you’ll find more videos here that will be helpful to you. 🙂 #BTA449 Shine

  2. I read the book, Pastor Rick is awesome! Love all the rules, I highly recommend reading The purpose driven life.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for watching Zola. 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA449 Shine

  3. “Go Thru Failure” 50+ yrs of frozen Coke that I’m currently cleaning up…learn this while you’re young so you can have the strength to apply the other 9.

    1. Thanks for the comment and for watching Delo. 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA450 Shine

    2. a corollary to that is a quote by Dr. Alexander Lowen said “Accept “Fate” and fate will change.”

  4. 3:00 – “unclear values cause confusion.  Conflicting values cause tension.  False values create deception.  The wrong values create dysfunction.”

    1. Thank you for sharing with us and thanks for watching. 🙂 #BelieveNation #BTA450 Luka

  5. I love that he said you do not need anyone else approval. It’s powerful to know I have nothing to prove.

  6. “The secret to success is clarifying your values.” Yes. That’s often the first thing I help new clients figure out because it’s what helps determines all their decisions, just like Rick said here.

  7. I love clarify your values. The break down was very simple and true.

  8. i did not hear ANYTHING OF THOSE RULES saying Faith in God is the main rule 😕

  9. “unclear values cause confusion.” “Not to resist but refocus” “you don’t need others’ approval to be happy.” This hits home right now.

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