Rick Warren Video – Defeating Discouragement

Pastor Rick Warren – 7 Secrets to Dealing with & Defeating Discouragement

Rick Warren remains positive through most of his services. In these times, many people are discouraged by life’s burdens. Pastor Warren says;

“Life is about learning to think less and less from my point of view which is often skewered and messed up, and you know twisted because of background and all kinds of stuff.  But, the best way is to think the way God thinks because God’s always gonna think the truth.”

What Gets You Down in Life?

Rick Warren video discouragement
Rick Warren video – Defeating discouragement

Each of us carries our own burdens. And, many times, we keep them to ourselves until we can’t bear them any longer. These burdens might be about:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • or, you fill in the blank.

Pastor Warren acknowledges that discouragement can cause you to give up, even give up on believing if you let it.

But, there’s good news! Just watch the video and focus on what Paul and others say in the Bible to come to terms with your own discouragement.

Thoughts about Discouragement

Discouragement can be debilitating. It can cause you to give up trying, give up hoping, and give up caring.

The Bible has a lot to say about this, and in today’s message Pastor Rick Warren will talk about how to rethink the things that discourage you. And, he’ll share seven secrets to defeating discouragement.

I hope you found this video about defeating discouragement helpful to avoid and conquer frustrations in your life.

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26 thoughts on “Rick Warren Video – Defeating Discouragement

  1. We’ve been through this. My brother has been paralysed from waist down and he’s still undergoing treatment. We have faith in the Living God that He’s healing him and still working in him and us. Do pray for my brother and our family. God bless.

  2. Thank you Pastor Rick Warren, I appreciate this encouragement; it’s life giving.

  3. I really needed this. God recently has given me an amazing opportunity for my music which I know he has called me to peruse. Please pray for the right choices, and labels for this to fall into!!! Thank you Jesus for pastors like this !!!!

  4. “Without an humble imitation of (Jesus Christ), we can never hope to be a happy Nation.”
    — George Washington, 1783

  5. I missed church because I’ve been discouraged and been down… I needed this soo much!😪

    1. Keep your confidence in God Sis. God’ s mercies are new every morning. I just saw your comment and my heart went out to you.

    2. Holy Spirit be with you at all times every day. Abide in the Lord, let the Lord abide in you. Live in the spirit. Peace and love be with you always. regardless if you miss church or attend church. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. IF your church leads you away from the Lordship of Jesus, time to dust your feet of that place and find one that leads you to honour the Lordship of Jesus, love God above anyone and everything, and realize God’s love for you, and care for fellow human beings as you’d care about yourself. Your season of discouragement is just a passing storm, better times are coming, be at peace with it.

  6. Amen ❤🙏 Really encouraging! Its not abous us, its all about the Lord.

  7. Thank You God for this man. I know You have spoken to me through pastor rick.

  8. What a blessing to be able to listen to all of your teachings. Thank you, Pastor

  9. I really appreciate how you connect peoples common struggles with the wisdom in the bible aNd create a step wise path to follow
    You are very gifted and bless you fir helping so many

  10. Hi Saddleback, Do you have your messages in Spanish? I would like to share your messages to my Spanish speaking friends. Thank you.

  11. I really needed this. Thank you so much! Also, thank you for including that prayer at the end 🙏🏼 God bless you all!

  12. These are such great insights. It makes me want to memorize all of II Corinthians 4 because as Rick says, it’s not about us but our hope in Christ. Reaping a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.

  13. Pastor Rick is such an amazing man of God! Thanks so much for allowing us to hear these teachings by such an anointed pastor

  14. Thank you pastor Rick. I have been wondering why so much has been thrown at my children and me especially recently. Just this week alone. I pray and pray and praise my Father God and Jesus my Lord and Savior and His Holy Spirit all the time so some days I wonder why all this still happens all the time. Then I saw a phrase on local church bulletin board…it said “if the devil isnt fighting hard to get you then hes already got you.” That made me realize that he must be fighting so hard because thank God my children and I ARE covered under the precious blood of Jesus. The devil is fighting all of us hard especially these days because I believe his time is very short. I believe God and Jesus are fed up with humans and all our sins and Jesus’s return very near. Praise God and Jesus. I needed this message Pastor Rick. Thanks as always. God bless you and your family.

  15. Very nice! Health and finances are #1 usually. Personal life etc…

  16. prophet/   seer    –  sean   o’Dwyer.   140   hobson  street.   Auckland   city.   1010.  new   Zealand.

  17. Thank you Pastor Rick Warren, all of your teaching are very useful to our life. I was in this situation because of some problems that I faced in my life.
    Then when I listen to your wonderful advice, I realize that i need to learn God’s word continuously, use my pain to help others, take time for renewal and stay focused on eternity.

  18. Thank you Rick Warren for your message and past messages that help our soul to be closer to God. Solutions have been slow, but I think we should be patient with God’s way although the waiting is also hard virtue to follow. But reading the Bible daily helps us in changing our thoughts and mind. Talking to God thru his messages would help us over coming worries, discouragement, depression.
    I just think, whatever the outcome, God knows what is best despite of the consequences that we expect. God ‘s is merciful and unconditionally love us although we can not comprehend his ways.

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