“When You Feel Like Giving Up” with Pastor Rick Warren

Are you feeling discouraged lately? Discouragement is one of the primary reasons we feel tempted to give up on our God-given dreams.

In this message, Pastor Rick Warren describes four things that typically discourage you, as well as God’s cures for your discouragement.

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20 thoughts on ““When You Feel Like Giving Up” with Pastor Rick Warren

  1. Thank you, Pastor Rick! Such an important message and very needed! I won’t give up!!

  2. Hello everyone.
    I would like to share a conversation I had with a complete stranger that approached me at a car wash. This happened around 2019 and has stuck with me since. 
    I thought I would share this as it might be relevant to the message and help others.
    Below is a dialogue of the conversation.

    Hi. I have a message for you.

    Hi. From who?


    Lol. Okay.

    He says to tell you that he knows you’re stuck in a hole right now and you must hang on.
    He also said that he loves you very much and he won’t leave you.
    I also saw, in my mind, an image of a hand grabbing another hand just as I got into my car to leave, but Jesus said that I need to give you this message first.


    At the time my life was falling apart but Jesus knew that there was more hardship coming (Covid), and he actually sent me a message because he knew that I would need it.
    My life has gotten worse since then, due to covid and other issues stemming from it, but his message makes all the difference.

    Thank you Jesus.

  3. Please Pray that God can get through to my husband and restore our marriage and family for he is lost and really needs to choose God.

  4. God is real! Our pastor has been teaching about “in the middle”. Not giving up in the middle. I go to read the Bible yesterday, all that stands out is endurance. My God is real

  5. Hallo pak..
    Saya sangat menyukai buku bapak yg berjudul Untuk Apa Aku Ada Di Dunia. Buku ini sangat memotivasi saya.
    Terima kasih pak Tuhan Menyertaimu selalu
    Maaf saya tdk bisa berbahasa Inggris

  6. Hello pastor Rick it’s me hina from Pakistan Karachi please remember me and my family in prayers

  7. Hey pastor Rick, Can you please continue to upload the message notes to YouTube. God bless
    Much love from Australia ❤️

  8. Don’t lose hope you never know what tomorrow may bring. Thank you for this powerful message brother Rick.

  9. Bahahahha. Great opener about your anniversary.

    Great word.

  10. Thank youPtr.Rick..I am strengthened and inspired thru God’s message spoken by you..glory to God..

  11. I wish all you preach is true, but it ain’t! Why hasn’t God answers my prayers on unsaved family members!!!!!!

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