Recovering From Traumatic Experiences with Rick Warren

— At some point in life, everyone faces a traumatic experience — the experience of feeling overwhelmed or frightened from a deeply distressing event. As part of the message, Pastor Rick Warren interviews the president of Rwanda as we remember the trauma of the horrific genocide of 1994. In this special service, you'll learn what God has to say about evil and trauma and discover what steps to take after experiencing trauma in your life.

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31 thoughts on “Recovering From Traumatic Experiences with Rick Warren

    1. @The Current Christian awesome to hear of his love for the church too…BIG heart

    1. Dear Father,
      Please bless this person from the trauma of the past. Heal this person and give them peace, and a secure place to stay. Make this person whole again in Jesus name. Amen.

  1. I so needed to hear this today. I was so angry at God after my big brother took his own life last month. Thank you Pastor Rick.

  2. Hi from Crossroads Church in North Canberra capital of Australia!!:) Hello to Rwandian people and president:)

  3. Thank you Rick warren And Saddleback church for Being with us
    Rwandan people we are Happy for you

  4. Thank you for sharing. I like what you said about helping by teaching. God bless you.

    1. Being able to teach others about our experiences with traumas is so helpful for those going through it or are about to go through it

  5. I’m very blessed each week with this messages. Thanks Saddleback Church. Hugs from Brazil !

  6. Listening to this at work and Pastor you’re touching my soul because it’s exactly what I thought. I was a victim of rape and I absolutely blamed myself and said there was something so fundamentally wrong with me that I couldn’t distinguish between good and bad people and it was my fault – it was because I was broken. I absorbed all responsibility for someone who take away my choice. This is such an important message! Because it’s so easy when you go through trauma to end up blaming yourself.

  7. As much as I love the message, we should never mix up politics with heavenly gospel. Kagame is more than controversial. He was re-elected in August 2017 with an official result of nearly 99% in an election criticized for numerous irregularities. He has been described as the most impressive and among the most repressive African leaders.

  8. Freedom to choose is real, as demonstrated by all the wrong choices we have made. Heaven will be filled with people that have chosen to love and obey God. What a wonderful, and terrifying gift , freedom. Make the right decision!

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