Why Jesus Came Down as a Child – Dr David Jeremiah Video


Dr. David Jeremiah delivers a powerful message called, “Unlocking The Mystery: Why Jesus Came As A Child.” He delves into the profound significance of this statement. To begin with, Scripture reading comes from Isaiah 9:6. So, drawing from biblical references, Jeremiah elucidates the multi-purpose behind Jesus’ humble arrival on earth.

Join this passionate pastor in a profound exploration of the mystery behind the mystery. In this enlightening presentation, Dr. Jeremiah goes deeper into the spiritual significance of Christ’s humble birth. Then, he unravels its profound implications for believers today. Discover the timeless truths and transformative power behind the incarnation of Jesus. Watch, as Dr. Jeremiah uncovers the purpose and significance of God’s plan of redemption. It’s all done through His son, born in Bethlehem.

Why Jesus Came Down as a Child – Who is This Jesus?

Dr Jeremiah begins by exploring the prophetic words of Isaiah. This prophecy foretold the birth of a child who would carry the titles of:

  • Wonderful Counselor,
  • Mighty God,
  • Everlasting Father,
  • and Prince of Peace.”

Jeremiah highlights the divine intention behind Jesus’ choice to enter the world in human form. He emphasizes the accessibility of God’s love and salvation to all.

Humility in the Lowly Birth of Christ

Moreover, Dr Jeremiah reflects on the humility and vulnerability encapsulated in Jesus’ infancy. The video underscores the relatable journey of Christ to believers.

Through his exposition, he encourages Christians to contemplate the profound implications of Jesus’ incarnation. And, he reminds them of the transformative power of God’s love manifested in the person of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, Dr Jeremiah’s video provides a powerful reminder that Jesus Christ is the embodiment of God’s love and mercy.

Jesus Came Down as a Child with a Plan for Us

Ultimately, Jeremiah’s message serves as a call to embrace the mystery and majesty of Jesus’ birth. Christians recognize it as the pivotal moment in God’s redemptive plan for humanity.

What does it mean that Jesus came down to earth? This Christmas message on video explains the reason many of us assume everyone knows.

The Christmas Celebration

Christmas celebrates God’s coming down to earth. Jesus came down as a child to be one of us. He lowered Himself to be human. Next, He took on the role of a servant. Then Christ gave His life and rose again, so that we might live.

Merry Christmas!  Thanks to Dr. Jeremiah, I hope you received a blessing from God today.

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