“The 3 Wise Women of Christmas” with Pastor Rick Warren Video

Enjoy the Holidays with This “3 Wise Women of Christmas” Video by Rick Warren

No matter the season, Pastor Rick Warren always manages to bring joy into the lives of those who watch his videos.

Take a moment to learn about three women who had much to do with the coming of Christ.

You’ve probably heard of the three wise men — but have you heard of the three wise women of Christmas?

Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna had different life circumstances, but during the first Christmas, all three of them overcame a specific hurt by making wise choices.

In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will walk you through three wise choices you can make that will bless the rest of your life.

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22 thoughts on ““The 3 Wise Women of Christmas” with Pastor Rick Warren Video

  1. Oh boy! I can only imagine what the Holliness/ anti women preaching folks are gonna say about this..Thank you rick, your preaching has brought me closer to the lord, I was lost, hopeless, felt that God could not love me, because no matter how hard I try, I continued to fall, your preaching gave me hope that God is a loving God, and he loves me in all my imperfections, some on here preach we must be perfect once we come to the lord, I can never live up to those standards, thank you jesus for dying for me so I can have eternal life.

  2. Elizabeth overcame her resentment and bitterness, Mary overcame her fear, and Anna overcame her grief.

  3. Fantastic message Pastor. Thank you. Such wonderful news of the saved soul. Praying none are lost. Lord …

  4. Dear Lord Jesus Christ thank you for Pastor Rick .I’m a better sunday school teacher because of his teachings.

  5. Pastor Rick is by far one of the greatest preachers of our time what a blessing to be able to listen to this Christmas Sermon! God has really spoken to my life😭🙌

  6. I am truly blessed through your sermon. It’s so profound and unique whenever I hear you it enriched my knowledge, strengthen my faith, encouraged me to face with boldness and confidence. Thank you for feeding me with the word of God. God bless Pator Rick.

  7. Rick is going to deliver the greatest message of Hope that he ever preached.
    Hopefully this will help so many people.
    That’s great.

  8. Thank you my role model Paster i want to became a Paster in my vision when i get theology scholarship i can study it in 2020

  9. This message was so GOOD, I’m going to go back and reread the scriptures. Thank You Pastor Rick and Saddleback Church. Merry Christmas and BE Blessed

  10. Your ministry and obedience to God has impacted my entire life since back home in Rwanda to these days in America 🙏🏾 Praise God for your life Pastor Rick 💙 we love you sir

  11. Dear Pastor , We have blessed by this Sermon .. Thank you so much — Vinod – Hyderabad , India

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