The great deceiver video by David Jeremiah

The Great Deceiver Who Seeks to Destroy | Video by Dr. David Jeremiah

Are We Headed for the End Time? Watch The Great Deceiver Who Seeks to Destroy Video by Dr. David Jeremiah

Many Christian pastors and Sunday school teachers today are quoting Scripture about the end times and the great deceiver (Satan) who wishes to pull us away.

Jesus gives us comfort in the Book of John when He says:

..and I give them eternal life, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.” – John 10:28-29

Just to give you an introduction, I included part of the transcript from “The great deceiver who seeks to destroy” by Dr. David Jeremiah so you can get an idea of the intensity of this video presentation.

Should We Be Afraid of Satan?

Quoting Dr. Jeremiah; “You need not to be afraid of Satan. Let me ask you this question; What is the opposite of God? If you say Satan, you’re wrong.

Who is Satan?

Satan is not the opposite of God. You know who Satan’s opposite is — Michael, the archangel.

Satan cannot be God’s opposite because God created him. Satan is a creature. And, he is not in the same universe with the Creator.

The Holy Spirit Lives within Us — No Fear of Satan the Deceiver

We, who are Christians who know Jesus Christ, have the Holy Spirit living within us,

Satan cannot defeat us if we walk in the Spirit. We do not need to walk around all afraid.

I’ve told you some pretty fearful things about him only so you’ll be aware of who he is. But, you do not need to be cowering before him.

Yes, you need to respect him but you don’t need to fear him because God has given you everything you need to be victorious against everything he
brings to the table.

Satan does not have freedom to do anything he wants during this time.”

I hope this video about The Great Deceiver by Dr Jeremiah will give you peace in knowing that God is still in control. Sure, the devil will do his best to make you believe otherwise.

He will present you with 95% truth and 5% lies — but he will never take control from God’s hands.

And thankfully, Satan will never be “ to snatch them out of the Father’s hand.

So, be strong in your Christian faith — and have no fear. God is with us.

Love in Christ

– Bob

If you have never made the commitment to receive the love and life-changing experience of Jesus Christ, please take a moment to Read John 3:16 to learn how.



About the Dr. David Jeremiah video..

Satan’s schemes are at work today, and the fight he wages will only intensify as time hurtles toward the Last Days. Let’s take a closer look at our greatest enemy.

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Video Synopsis:

  • 00:00 – Satan is not equal to God
  • 07:05 – Dr. Jeremiah’s message – “The Great Deceiver Who Seeks to Destroy”
  • 27:13 – One last word from Dr. Jeremiah

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42 thoughts on “The Great Deceiver Who Seeks to Destroy | Video by Dr. David Jeremiah

  1. Lord..Thank you for David Jeremiah .in Jesus name !
    David ..thank you for allowing the Holy spirit to guide you all these years
    It means so much
    God Bless you ❤ you

    1. Been last days since I was a little kid. Actually, if you read the bible, you’ll find they too were in the “last days”

  2. Good morning Dr Jerimiah thank you for this message we need it now God bless you,your family and ministry,Have an awesome day all from Toronto Canada

  3. Thank you for a powerful message. God’s blessings to you, from East Tennessee. Maranatha 🎺✝️

  4. I think we will all be going Home soon and I pray for the people who are so very afraid right now. I hope they find Father God & King Yeshua and know there is nothing to fear 👍🙏🙏🙌

  5. Thank you David, love sharing your insights and hoping others will wake up and see. God bless you brother.

    1. Prayer, Reading and studying God’s word are what will free us from deception and deceivers.

      A new bride would read over and over again, the hand written wedding vows of her groom…her love; is there evidence we really love Jesus enough to read His word.

  6. I watch this Newtube from Barbados. I love watching Dr Jeremiah massages.. God bless you as you continues to spread the great news of our lord encouraging the body of christ Jesus.

  7. I really like your teaching. God has given us the spirit of power, of love and of sound mind. Oh thank you Lord!

  8. I am inspired, my mindset has been shifted. Indeed if we acknowledge the power of Christ Jesus we cannot cower before Satan. I am more than a conqueror in Chris Jesus! God bless you Dr. Jeremiah. My dad really loved listening to your messages. He is with Jesus now. Shalom!

  9. I love Dr. David Jeremiah! He knows a lot of things about God, and the Bible! God bless everyone watching and David Jeremiah and family! 🙂 💜💟✝️🥰😍❤️

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  10. Yes , I have faith in my Heavenly Father 🙏✝️💐💝💖😇🙏🙏 Jesus Christ👑🙏✝️

  11. I love Dr. Jeremiah! Straight forward, easy to understand and straight from God’s word. Powerful, life changing, the words convict, not condemn. Thank you for touching hearts and changing lives! He is truly anointed 😇
    God bless you Dr. Jeremiah

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  12. John 3:5
    “Jesus replied, “I assure you, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit.”

    1. Hello there, thanks for watching, do well to inbox so Introduce you to something new

  13. I keep coming back to your teachings and sermons. I listen, watch and read the works of many different scholars of the Bible, but when I need to be refreshed in the Word and need to hear the truth about what the Bible is saying to me, I find myself returning to your sermons and teachings! God bless you, David Jeremiah!

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