“What Seeds Will You Plant This Spring?” with Pastor Rick Warren

Many of Jesus' parables have to do with the spiritual parallels to planting and farming. Whether you realize it or not, your life, your family, and even your career is like a spiritual garden. In this message, Pastor Rick shares the 10 laws of spiritual planting and shows us why we should be thinking about which “seeds” to plant in our lives this spring.

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23 thoughts on ““What Seeds Will You Plant This Spring?” with Pastor Rick Warren

  1. Going on to my fourth time listening to this message, this has got to be the message of 2021 🙌🏾😩

    1. Me too!!! I’ve never printed out the outline before this one either. So it’s not just me 😊

  2. Dear respected Pastor. All your teachings are so blessing to me and church too. You are a great blessing to Christianity.

  3. 🙏🙏🙏 always grateful with ptr Rick’s messages. Thank you ptr rick for allowing God to use you to reach out.

  4. Thank you Pastor clarifying what God has been telling me.. Will plant the “old” idea(seed) now for another business… Puji Tuhan💝 ciao..

  5. This was just what I needed. Some people just minster to you in a special way, and Pastor Warren does that for me. God should continue to use you and give you wisdom to deliver his word. God bless!

  6. Plant a good seed today in a good relationship for tomorrow. From Ontario, Canada

    1. I rewatched this right after it was done just to take notes!! It meant even more the 2nd time! God bless you sister

  7. Thank you Pastor Rick. This message is so powerful🙏🙏🙏Greetings from Brazil

  8. I love how you waited 🤣🤣 I needed that laugh and as always, I need the word. You have impacted my life with the ways you share the word. Thank you, Rick Warren and glory to God!

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