Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado

Facing Your Giants, the new book from Max Lucado.

You know your GOLIATH. You recognize his walk,
the THUNDER of his voice.

But like David, you can face your giant, even if you aren't the strongest, the smartest, the best
equipped, or the holiest.

20 thoughts on “Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado

  1. This was extremely encouraging and timely for me today. Like a lot of people, facing Giants seems to me my lot in life – that’s normal! Doing it with a positive, faith-filled and Christ-like attitude is the key. Thanks Max! (four years later, it still resonates)

  2. @JCCOUTINO We can see right through you. Who are you to JUDGE Max and his story? He has helped so many people turn to the bible and to God. Only a cult would say that only their way is right.


  4. It’s not about how great we are and how we can kill our giants. Jesus is the greater David who has killed the giants of sin and death for our sake. That’s the point of the story! It’s about Jesus, not us! This is man-centered and anti-Biblical!

  5. I just randomly came across this book and just from reading the back of the book there was no question, I had to buy it. Id love to contact Max and bring him to my city.. Any one know how i can?


  6. @Allday518 Its easy contact OAK HILLS CHURCH IN SAN ANTONIO TEXAS phone # is 210-698-6868 ask for Karen Hill. His 501c3 Upwords,-is on the internet.

  7. Prepare to run into your battle! My Giants will fall because of my focus on God~ Great message!

  8. So many religious zealots nuts literalists attacking this very pleasant and brilliant Pastor/author who knows how to bring a biblical text to life and to make it relevant to our reality and struggles!!! …

  9. It is extremely amazing how God can work with the impossible struggles that persistently giant our very own everyday life! It’s only because of God’s amazing grace that absolutely defeats our giants in life.
    Thanks for this beautiful powerful inspiring message. God bless Max Lucado.
    Emilio Morales 1 second ago

  10. “No gigant is too big, if God is your God” Love that 🙂 what a message, it touched me! i want to face my gigants, but with the Help df God! 🙂

  11. What a message of profoundness and simplicity.. The perspective is so important. Thank you Max for sharing such truths with realism, faith and love, Bless ya !

  12. The stone of past time victory, the stone of prayer, the stone of priority, the stone of passion, the stone of persistence. Thanks Pastor Max!

  13. Thank you, Max. There are some things that I need to deal with in my life, and I need to face them.

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