Joseph: Overcoming Disappointments – Dr. David Jeremiah Video

Joseph’s Journey and Overcoming Disappointments with Faith – A Video by Dr. David Jeremiah

In his video “Joseph: Overcoming Disappointments,” Dr. David Jeremiah delves into the inspiring story of Joseph from the Bible. He highlights Joseph’s remarkable journey from favored son to unjustly imprisoned servant. Through Joseph’s narrative, Dr. Jeremiah illustrates the power of faith in overcoming life’s disappointments.

From Favored Son to Unjust Captive: Joseph’s Trials

Dr. Jeremiah walks viewers through the tumultuous events of Joseph’s life. He begins with the betrayal by his brothers, who sold him into slavery (Genesis 37:12-36). Despite facing adversity and disappointment at every turn, Joseph remained steadfast in his trust in God’s sovereignty (Genesis 39:2-23). Dr. Jeremiah emphasizes Joseph’s resilience and unwavering faith as he navigated through trials and tribulations.

Trusting God’s Plan: Joseph’s Triumph Over Disappointment

Through Joseph’s story, Dr. Jeremiah underscores the importance of trusting in God’s plan even in the midst of disappointment. Despite being falsely accused and imprisoned, Joseph maintained his integrity. And, he continued to serve faithfully (Genesis 39:20-23). Ultimately, Joseph’s unwavering faith led to his exaltation to a position of authority in Egypt. He then played a crucial role in God’s plan to save his family and many others from famine (Genesis 41:41-57).

In this video, Dr. David Jeremiah’s insightful exploration of Joseph’s journey offers timeless lessons on resilience, faith, and trusting God’s sovereignty in the face of life’s disappointments.

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Learn how Joseph went from cherished son to captive and prisoner while trusting God for the outcome and overcoming disappointment.

7 thoughts on “Joseph: Overcoming Disappointments – Dr. David Jeremiah Video

  1. Amen!! But now, do not therefore be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here; for God sent me before you to preserve life. 6 For these two years the famine has been in the land, and there are still five years in which there will be neither plowing nor harvesting. 7 And God sent me before you to preserve a [a]posterity for you in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance. 8 So now it was not you who sent me here, but God; and He has made me a father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt.

  2. In spite of his trials, Joseph was faith and he maintained his integrity through his hardships and disappointments. In turn God was faithful to Joseph, even in the midst of the storm. Joseph’s uprightness serves as a wonderful example for us to emulate in our Christian walk. Dr. Jeremiah’s sermon was edifying and encouraging.

  3. Its never to late to listen to this message…yes, I too have been hurt and need to forgive…my prayer is that Jesus will give me the heart like Joseph to willing forgive. Thank you again pastor Jeremiah 💕from Seattle ~

  4. He’s truly my favorite character in the Bible. I relate with him and wait for God to deliver me. My own family betrayed me but I know after all the years of suffering God has helped me grow and he has a plan. I get down sometimes but I always bounce back up and get back on track with Jesus!

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