Learn How To Recognize God’s Voice with Rick Warren

God wants to speak to you — but how do you know whether an idea you get in your mind is from him? Pastor Rick Warren teaches seven ways to test your ideas, impressions, and thoughts to know with absolute certainty you are hearing the voice of God. Ask yourself these questions: Does it agree with the bible? Does it make me more like Christ? Does my church family confirm it? Is it consistent with how God shaped me? Does it concern my responsibility? It is convicting rather than condemning? Do I sense God's peace about it? Pastor Rick explains all of these questions and more in this message.

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60 thoughts on “Learn How To Recognize God’s Voice with Rick Warren

  1. I am on my spiritual journey trying to find God again, I thought I could do things myself but God has showed me I cannot do it by myself I need him… I started smoking, drinking and I never smoked or drink before even when things got rough but the devil really knows how to do it, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. This is my first day I’m on a fast and I just need God because my life has not been going good, I felt like giving up but I know that’s what Satan wants me to do… so I’m trying to change my life and my ways and walk with Jesus because he’s the way!

    1. Walk by faith & not by site. You will be able to know good fruit. Stay in your word, seek his face. Pray 🙏

    2. @kiah williams I know this comment is old but I just came across this video and I want you to know that I’m pretty sure Rick preaches a false gospel. Please look into Paul Washer, Alisa Childers, they will speak the truth, you need to know the life saving message of the Gospel and repent before you can know Jesus ! I say this in

    3. “Satan” means “stumbling block”, and is NOT another name for the “devil”, who btw, does NOT exist, in the mythological place of “Tartarus” or Christianity’s version “hell”. The Bible is a psychological work of art in deceiving ALL who believe it is “Gods word”. It is NOT Gods word. The Torah & prophets was
      written by the levitical priests. The New Testament was written by the serpents who dwell in their pit, or the Vatican. As long as you believe in all the biblical lies, your mind will manifest those lies in your life, for you and those around you. Stop it! The only “word of God” is to “love & respect yourself, and all people”. That’s it!

      The rest are all lies!

  2. Personal notes from Sermon:

    Discerning Gods Voice

    1. It doesn’t contradict with his word.
    2. It makes us more like Jesus
    3. It’s not self serving
    4. It’s not envious, bitter rather considerate and peace loving
    5. It makes u humble
    6. Even a fool can criticize but only matured mind sees the beauty in every person
    7. Does my church family confirm it?
    8. Is it consistent with how God shaped me?
    9. God’s leading will not contradict to what he’s gifted you to do
    10. Does it concern my responsibility?
    11. Lord if there is any sin in my life that’s an obstacle to your blessings to me and others
    Then please reveal it to me I’ll confess and repent of if.
    12. If God speaks to you about others follow the below points
    • Be patient n pray (God might need you to just pray for them)
    • You might be confirming what God already spoke to them
    13. Is it convicting rather than condemning?
    14. Satan – Condemns
    God – Convicts, takes condemnation on himself and forgives
    15. Do I sense God’s peace about it? (God is not author of confusion)

    1. I’ve been drawn to this message, for confirmation 👍 on several issues that I’ve been confused about, and I see more clearly now.
      Thank you for your clarification on these issues.
      God bless you 🙏❤.

    2. Nice, your notes are sure helpful especially when there is so much to know about our loving God
      Rick is a little slow for me

  3. Somthing I want to share.
    I was driving and praying.
    Suddenly I felt chills and started to tear up.
    I kept praying and it felt like I was being carried.
    I just knew it was Gods love.
    I want to feel that for ever there is nothing like it. I prayed for at least 45 min while driving. I just couldn’t stop.
    I started to wonder if any one has prayed for God himself. So I said God I am praying for you that you may have no stress. I then asked God how do you do it and keep your sanity jokingly with him.
    He spoke to me and said Love.
    It was like I knew that he said it all along being carried over the waters.
    He wants me to share this with everyone.
    I always thought I was close to God. I have never felt like I felt when I was praying during that drive.
    It is so real and overwhelming.
    God is great!

    1. If you are contrite in Spirit and in truth and have absolutely no desire to commit that action again, I believe God sees that plainly. He sees it all plainly. Jesus is the one true example of having never commuting sin, so I don’t believe he is subjecting us to that same expectation.

      I was thinking 🤔 though… many times if we are aware of the sin we are committing… the Holy Spirit has given us conviction- are we really surrendering ourselves to God? Are we choosing ourselves and taking our own desires over what God has put on our own hearts not to do? Then did we just break the first commandment?

      I believe we have a God of so much grace… I am so grateful that of the gift of the Holy Spirit to remind me when I need to fight my flesh and that I am not acting in God’s will. What a gift that was given after Jesus died and rose again.

      That being said, as of yesterday I became very pensive and began to wonder the following:

      that when we are choosing to cave in to sin and chose our own desires over God’s way for us or His gifts for us isn’t it like telling Him that you don’t value His opinion? Though we aware He is so much wiser and has suggested the best possible thing for us we think that we know better at that moment (or for longer)? How much or often do we give that slap in the face to our most omnipotent and glorious Father who loves so ultimately that He gave up His only Son so that we may know Him more intimately? … just a reflection.

      And please do not think I am being judgmental- I realize I must LOVE my Father first and foremost! I k or I must work this out in a genuine desire to pursue Him, fight the flesh, and put in to action the 2 greatest commandments which encompass all others.

  4. Prayer:

    Lord Jesus, I thank you for your Word and promise that you have overcome any temptation I may be facing. I rely on your help, love, joy, mercy and grace every day of my life. Always remind me, to turn to you first to help me, no matter what the challenge is. Nothing can separate us from Your love. With you, Lord Jesus, I am always on the winning team. Thank you.

    In your Holy Name, I pray,


  5. Beautiful sermon. This really lifted my soul here, previously feeling all alone and stressed, in Lagos, Nigeria. God is UNIVERSALLY GOOD and I’m glad I tuned in.

    1. You are from Lagos Nigeria, the place where T B Joshua, a Prophet of God established SCOAN and anointed servants of God are preaching, teaching and delivering. How I long to visit that place. My dear please visit this place to grow spiritually.

  6. Glad we watched this. Saved a lot of us keeping from depression, and paranoia. In Jesus name we are healed, and it is beautiful to see such a godly Shepard to guide us sheep

    1. @Pastor rick Warren still spamming the same message over and over hoping to find someone gullible enough to become your slave?

    2. I am thankful grateful for being Blessed and favor by Jehovah God Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ of Nazareth Mighty Holy name i prayed amen hallelujah amen and amen amen 🙏

  7. I think it’s truly amazing to see how many views this video has! It is so important to know and hear God’s voice 💕

    1. Listening to this message 8 yrs later and its still the truth,,indeed what a blessing to stumble on it.

  8. 7 Questions Filter to Know When God’s Speaking to You:

    1. Does it agree with the Bible?
    2. Does it make me more like Christ?
    3. Does my church family confirm it?
    4. Is it consistent with how God has shaped me?
    5. Does it concern my responsability?
    6. Is it Convicting rather than Condeming?
    7. Do I sense God’s Peace about it?

    1. @Freezy Freeze no it doesnt.It says IF you have slaves,treat them good.and other things.

  9. This such a great Sermon! God is so good..I really needed to hear this! God bless anyone Struggling with this..Amen🙏

  10. This message was posted here 6 years ago and it still feels like it was preached today…. Truly the word of God is ever new. No matter how long it’s been. God bless you Papa Rick Warren.

    1. @SHELLSHOCK If you want to follow this clown, that is your choice… Do not discuss rubbish with me.!!!!!

  11. My foot was hurting and Wednesday I went to prayer meeting and my foot was healed completely praise be to God

    1. I believe you, as I myself prayed for God to take away pain in my knee and He did!

  12. This preaching was a blessing for me today,thank you God and thank you for this brother.💖…i needed this clarity.

    1. May I make a suggestion, my job is to love, however there are wolves in sheep’s clothing & many smooth teachings, therefore if you love truth & I believe you do: go to Amazing Discoveries & listen to Professor Walter J. Veith and I promise you, that you will be blessed beyond comprehension. May the God of heaven bless you and your family✝

    1. Don’t believe every message you her from ‘pastors’ in the pulpit, this man is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, steer clear of him, if you want to hear straight from the Word of God, listen to John MacArthur, Jack Hibbs, Paul Washer.

    1. May I make a suggestion, for one thing be careful, there are many smooth teachings and many wolves in sheep’s clothing, I am not the judge, my job is to love, even my enemies, however I will say this: if you love truth more than anything else & I believe you do go to Amazing Discoveries & listen to Professor Walter J. Veith and I promise you, you will be blessed beyond comprehension. May the God of heaven bless and keep you until that day-Dennis Explorer.✝

    2. Nobody in the Bible ever had to “learn to hear God”. Is God that weak and small? Gods is not talking to us individually today. Read Hebrews 1:1-2

  13. Dear Father I am a parent with mental health illness and I am slowly getting along with my family members better but the road is not easy as I would like it to be but I pray for your guiding hand in helping me succeed in living God’s will

    1. Write me ✍️👆
      I’ve got a prayer request for you 🙏

    2. I really understand. Sometimes it’s scares me how much mentally unstableness has effected my and my family’s life.. BUT GOD.. will deliver us because he promised.I’m praying for you.

  14. South African here. Thank you so much.
    I really needed to be reminded of how to hear God’s voice. 🇿🇦🙏🙏🙏

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