Making Hard Changes with Rick Warren

— Seeing change and growth in our lives means a gradual process of becoming more and more like Jesus, and it isn’t always easy. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren will talk about the six elements that God uses to make us spiritually mature.

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(Become like Christ)(Make hard changes)(Holy Spirit)(Why is it so hard to change) (Why is change hard) (Christlike) (Real change) (New thinking) (Rethinking your life) (Ephesians 4) (Real change requires honest community) (Real change requires faith) (Real change requires learning the truth) (Real change requires coaching) (Healthy change) (Biblical change) (Hard choices) (Difficult changes) (Saddleback Church) (Rick Warren) (Rethinking Your life series)

33 thoughts on “Making Hard Changes with Rick Warren

  1. I cried reading through Ephesians 5.. I had never read that passage before. Thank you for helping me find these verses and understanding my present. I pray for those people I cannot change but confiding in the Lord with all his Mighty Love and strength…Amen

  2. Getting off social media for the hours before bed after my child goes to sleep, to meditate on the bible is what’s holding me back. And I know it. I’ve no reward in doing so, I just procrastinate from spending time with the father I talk to all the time, and am always asking for things… oh my selfish ways are my first house cleaning job :/

    1. I’ve struggled terribly with this too. With God’s strength, you can do it!!!

    2. I deactivated my facebook. You can always sign back in to where you left off. I let my friends & family know I was taking a break. I was lost the first day ..AND BORED! Guess what? I’ve been reading my bible, listening to these videos and I just plain feel better. Good luck & God Bless. 🙏❤

  3. my name is jim please pray for me ,Jesus have mercy on me a sinner save me, heal my broken mind ,soul ,conscience all damaged by my wicket past ,I repent and trust Jesus Christ and the Gospel

    1. @Lauren Limebrook Again, I don’t go around spreading rumors based on hearsay. This shows how GODLY your character is. I asked you if you could point to me something specific in this video that was not biblical or in any way twisting of the words which you’ve failed to do. Instead you keep pointing me to someone whose name I was happily unaware of until now. how do I know they’re not SHILLS?

    2. @M S Fine, don’t look. If you have any discernment you would see the videos I suggested are very credible , sound Christians who are giving fair warning. Maybe you are a shill for Warren! Why would you not check , you can turn them off if you think they are wrong, although they are not wrong. Lies and errors must be exposed before the truth can be known! Rick Warren agrees with the pope and Islam…that should be your first clue. I don’t care what this video says because he has plenty of books and videos which compromise the truth. This video is not all that he believes. The big mega churches are mostly all compromised and embrace many errors. The church is in trouble if they don’t look out. It is up to you. Be a Berean.

    3. @M S If you look below at fistbeard…..comment, looked at video, Church f Tares by Elliott Nesch and had eyes opened concerning the mega churches. So will you. I did not know about the errors until I started looking myself either but I discovered it because I was learning the sound, clear doctrine of the bible verses what preachers had been saying. I saw the discrepancies clearly once I was more educated in the real teaching of the gospel. Now I have been doing much study and have investigated very much. These guys need to be exposed. Most of the famous, popular preachers are far away from the truth. Much much heresies in the so-called church today. I have given you the resources to start.

    4. @Lauren Limebrook With all due respect, you’re repeating yourself, you haven’t answered my question, what in this sermon is unbiblical? I totally agree with your point that mega churches have their own set of problems and most of them are far away from the truth, however that does not mean we start to generalize everything, we should be prudent enough to judge the issue case wise. So again, what’s wrong with this sermon?

    5. @M S I believe you are repeating yourself and not taking advantage of the resources I have given you to answer your questions. The resources, you will see, use the words[audio] of Rick Warren himself and do not rely on anyone’s opinion or hearsay. Poisoning yourself with any false teaching is extremely detrimental to understanding the truth…..and I think you know that. A comment is not a sufficient way to answer your queries. I used to think Warren was just fine and even went to bible studies using his resources. Now I know better and would never use his studies because of his error ridden brand of teaching. He is a marketing expert and the gospel he preaches is not the gospel according to bible doctrine at all. If you insist on disregarding the truth then let’s just stop here because maybe you are a shill for Warren…..?

  4. Can we get a saddle back in London England please. Rick warrens messages are too powerful and spot on to be without .

  5. Apostasy. Worry not who can harm the body but who can harm the body and the soul..

  6. I don’t know you. thank you and your team for all you taught me.For your prayers . I know God is real now , and having a purpose in life has changed me for the better . And I will pass it on. For I Am.

  7. I cannot believe how mean some people can be with their comments. Does it stem from unhappiness in their lives?We should not judge others! Let’s use our words to encourage others. God bless Pastor Warren. Change is hard but God can help us.

    1. All Warren cares about is his book sales. He is a phony. His philosophy didn’t keep his son from blowing his brains out. Rick Warren is soulless.

    2. Anna Lisa Sampath because he is a liar!!!!!he is driven by Satan he is so blind he is so deceived by Satan.

  8. I have a very hard time with changing seems like everyone leaving my life so if you can please say a prayer.

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