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Moses Appoints Leaders

Moses appoints leaders
Moses appoints leaders

Why delegate? In Deuteronomy 1:9-18, Moses appoints leaders to share in his burden.

Israel was learning how to follow God through the teachings of Moses. But now, he seemed to have little time to teach. All the small issues kept mounting up.

Yes, taking on the task of leading Israel became more than Moses could handle alone.

Let’s learn how he handles delegation and why it is so important in management of…

  • a church
  • a business
  • or a nation.

Israel Needs Direction – Moses Appoints Leaders in Deuteronomy 1:9-18

Finding himself in a position of having to make all decisions for Israel, Moses finally decided to appoint leaders of the tribes in his charge. You’ll find another reference to this delegation in Exodus 18.

In a way, God delegates duties to us so that His will can be carried out. And, He allows us to participate in His work.

A Person Cannot Do It All Alone – So, Moses Delegates Some Work

“I spoke to you at that time, saying, ‘I am not able to bear the burden of you alone.

The Lord your God has multiplied you, and behold, you are this day like the stars of heaven in number.

May the Lord, the God of your fathers, increase you a thousand-fold more than you are and bless you, just as He has promised you!

How can I alone bear the load and burden of you and your strife?

Choose wise and discerning and experienced men from your tribes, and I will appoint them as your heads.’

You answered me and said, ‘The thing which you have said to do is good.’

So I took the heads of your tribes, wise and experienced men, and appointed them heads over you, leaders of thousands and of hundreds, of fifties and of tens, and officers for your tribes.

“Then I charged your judges at that time, saying, ‘Hear the cases between your fellow countrymen, and judge righteously between a man and his fellow countryman, or the alien who is with him.

You shall not show partiality in judgment; you shall hear the small and the great alike. You shall not fear man, for the judgment is God’s.

The case that is too hard for you, you shall bring to me, and I will hear it.’

I commanded you at that time all the things that you should do. – Deuteronomy 1:9-18 NASB

Delegation – Ever Felt Overwhelmed?

Moses did too!

He found that it was an impossible task for him to hear cases brought before him long hours of every day. And, the multiplication produced a seemingly never ending line of people waiting to be heard.

In other words, the nation of Israel grew quickly. And now, Moses needed help in order to lead it.

“No Man is an Island”

Moses appoints leaders
Moses appoints leaders

Countries like the USA need leadership in all areas of government. Ultimately, we must choose leaders from the very top to states, cities and districts.

Just imagine if the president had to make every decision himself. The country would fall apart quickly because it is not possible. There are not enough hours in a day.

Moses realized this.

And so, he appointed leaders (with help from the people) of each tribe, district, and even smaller groups.

This left him time to take care of the major decisions which needed to be made.

What about Us? Do We Need to Delegate Too?

If you are in a leadership role, or even a Christian leader in your church or organization, you might find yourself in this time paradox.

Delegation from God

As Christians, God delegates work to us in order to make His kingdom known.

Does He need us?

Not really, but He allows us to share in the process and use our talents and abilities.

The lesson today is; if you are in a management position in business or in church, allow other people to use those gifts God has given them. You’ll be doing them a favor as well as yourself. As Franklin Graham once said;

“When we realize and embrace the Lord’s will for us, we will love to do it. We won’t want to do anything else. It’s a passion.”


Love in Christ

– Bob

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