“Seeing Your Future With Faith, Not Fear” with Pastor Rick Warren

Fear seems to be rampant these days, don’t you agree?

With so much going on in the world, our country, our neighborhood and yes, even our own families, we can find plenty to be afraid of.

But, as Christians we enjoy something others don’t have — That is God’s vision and strength.

“I have a vision and everybody else is wearing sunglasses.” – Paul Newman as “Butch Cassidy

Pastor Rick talks about the importance of vision in his message.

Let’s listen as Pastor Rick Warren shows us how to see the future with faith instead of fear.

The video is a bit dated; but still true today. – Bob Pardue


About the Rick Warren Video

God has given you a life vision and a purpose. But you can’t fulfill that vision until you clearly see it.

In this message, Pastor Rick Warren kicks off a series on the transforming power of vision. He clarifies the consequences of an unclear vision and reveals the antidote to fear in pursuing the future God has planned for you.

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45 thoughts on ““Seeing Your Future With Faith, Not Fear” with Pastor Rick Warren

  1. I love that even though Caleb was in his 80s when he received his inheritance, he said he still felt strong and energized enough that he would enjoy it as if he were still young. Time passed but God blessed him with youthful energy. I ask God for things that I imagine may come when I am old. I don’t know, but I know God is doing things now because of prayers in the past and that continue today. Would you please pray for my family to make the necessary changes that we can pay our bills and one day have a home? My husband and I have 3 boys in a small 2 bedroom rental. We are grateful but there is mold that has been making us ill. Our medical bills are piling up. We are both working but covid has really hurt my husband’s business. He is also taking classes as he’s a youth pastor. We will pray for you too! Thank you!

    1. I will pray for God to provide for your needs. I have been jobless for over 3 years and yet I have seen God’s hands and provision in my life. He knows your situation and He will intervene when the time is right. I pray that He will give you a better home where you will be comfortable and healthy and that He will bless you and your family abundantly as you continue to pray in faith.

    2. Dear Erika, I pray that God answers all yours and your family needs in His great way. Just don’t afraid just believe just give praise to our Almighty God. Jesus will never give up on you! God bless you.

  2. Thank you Pastor Rick. I am consumed with fear over covid. Anyone who reads this please pray for me to have faith and not fear. Thanks, mike

    1. Mike t, thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed upon you and pray for discernment. Pray often. Also, limit your screen time. Rest is very important. God bless you.

    2. I wasn’t afraid of COVID but I wasn’t foolish either. God Wills or Allows Things and Is Always In Control.
      I wore a mask, used hand sanitizer, practiced social distancing and enjoyed more time at home. I understood COVID was still a possiblity and I got it; fortunately a mild case – and now I have immunity. Fear is useless and foolishness is folly. Thankfully, in God we trust.

    3. Lord will turn ure fears into having faith in him. In Jesus name I pray Amen

    4. Praying for you. Something that helps me is… Philippians 4:6-7 ‘Do not worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.

  3. Happy new year pastor. Please do pray for me, I am going through some though times at the moment. I know only Jesus can. Regards from northeast India.

    1. I am praying for the covd devastation of India & has hurt me so along w loosing husband in March. In name of Jesus, your country is continually in my prayers. Love & amen from usa

    2. Holy Father, in name ofJesus,i beg you to
      Destroy covd in India & confort your Indian children. Thank you for answering my prayer. Amen

  4. I’m full of fear and anxiety and I’m struggling with addiction to marijuana… Please PRAY for me! Saddleback!

    1. Put your trust in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and accept HIS BLOOD which washed away your sins. Amen?

    2. Dear God, please help your child to have the desire to put down this addiction to marijuana and lead him to let go of any addictions in his life so it won’t go to another harmful habit. I pray he sees the light you shine on his pathway to follow you and let’s go of fear, anxiety along with the addiction. Cleanse his mind and heart to see clearly of what he should do in Your will my Lord. Change the desires of his mind and heart in JESUS name. Amen 🙏🏼

    3. I used to smoke weed ALL THE TIME; I couldn’t have done it without God. Dive into His word daily; even if it’s just a few minutes. Pray everyday as much as you can; draw near to God and you will draw away from things of the world and enemy holding you back.

    4. Praying for you. I recently gave it up back in March cold turkey after being a daily smoker for over 10 years. It was by the grace of God, I struggle w temptation everyday with it still being in the house as my husband is still a user, but attending church on the regular, joining a community group and trying my best to stay in the word daily has been a huge help. I still struggle w anxiety as well and even tho I used smoking as my way to cope w it I try my best to turn to the word when I feel an attack coming on. It’s not easy, and God knows. But he also gives us other things to turn to (Him/his word, community groups etc.) when we stress. I know your comment was over 5 mins ago but praying for you. Also, subscribing to Rick Warren’s daily devotionals via email have helped me. 🙏🏻

    1. I pray for you Ma Mck that you may have peace and joy during this time and put your focus on our Lord for he is the life and the light during this time.

  5. My faith is flickering like a smoldering wick for the last two years. I want a clear vision for my future and my candle to burn bright. God help me . Im praying for God’s vision and the strength to walk in it. Thanks Bro Rick.

    1. Like Boaz had his servants go ahead of Ruth, God will go ahead of you and provide for you.

    2. You have to give up your old life,habits,thoughts and follow Jesus and repent truthfully.If not God can’t make a breakthrough in your life cuz sin separates us from him,but he loves sinner.So if you want to have an honest relationship with him,you must trully repent and pray daily.
      Trust me im not any better then you,and i do fall down but don’t willfully sin or that will destroy you.Seek the Lord be4 its to late and God will bless you!

  6. I needed this. I’m just adjusting my status here in the US and I’m close to get my green card now but due to unclear vision, confusion about my purpose, unbelief, I had thought and imagined to maybe go back to Mexico so many times but more lately. It has been a hard season for me since I moved two years ago. I’ve seen how God had place me on trials these whole time (not just on pandemic) in order to make a transformation in myself but the discourage and feeling of loneliness sometimes was unavoidable and therefore I end up drowning myself in negative thoughts and looking to go back.

    Thank you Pastor Rick!! For this series and for helping me to look at my future with Faith!!✨

  7. I am so blessed I can listen to Rick Warren’s message during this pandemic year online. Warm Regards from Indonesia.

  8. Mike remember “we walk by faith and not by sight”. 2 Cor. 5:7. Your natural eyes see the scary circumstances of the world and covid but your spiritual eyes of faith stay focused on Jesus. Psalm 23.

  9. Thank you pastor for sharing the word of God. I always hit with anxiety and fears in life. Because of my situation. I thanked God for His mercy and amazing grace helps me to continue living my life despite of everything I am facing

  10. 18,000 people gave their life to Jesus…. this is the type of headlines we should be seeing! But no, the media rather cover the color of the queen of England’s gloves. 🙄. Thank you Pastor Rick for your ministry that changes lives daily!

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