Stay Challenged | Dr. David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah takes a closer look at why some believers are able to weather any storm while others are blown away by the slightest wind.
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00:00 – …and God Whispers
05:07 – Dr. Jeremiah's message – "Stay Challenged"
27:56 – Next Time on Turning Point

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24 thoughts on “Stay Challenged | Dr. David Jeremiah

    1. Good Morning John.
      The world needs to hear this message.
      Kind regards from Ireland Kate.

  1. I have read Never Thought I’d See The Day. God is my strength. I know His plan for me but does not mean it is easy.

  2. I love you, Dr David Jeremiah. God has blessed me throughout the years because of you!

    1. Mwajuma Vieira I love him too! He’s my brother in the Lord! You are my sister in the Lord! I love you too! 🙏❤️✝️

  3. What a wonderful message! Praise the Lord for the ultimate sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us! Because he lives, we can face tomorrow!

  4. A much-needed message today, similar to ours at church this morning. God bless Dr Jerimah, he is my favorite minister. Let us all go forth in diligence to stay the course for God.

  5. God bless you pastor . as always your sermons are wonderful . God continue to bless you . Great Sermon , Love you brother from Sweden , Ruben

  6. Thank you! Dr. Jeremiah i really needed this msg. God really speaks to me through you and i love it! Your sister and love in. Christ

  7. Thank you dr. Jeremiah. What a wonderful meaningful msg. It feels like the lord is always speakin to me through you.

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