The Ministry of the Holy Spirit | Dr. David Jeremiah

Open the Scriptures with Dr. David Jeremiah to discover our high calling —and responsibility—to obey God.
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00:00 – Romans VIII – Series Intro
03:21 – Dr. Jeremiah’s message – “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit”
27:55 – Next Time on Turning Point – “Groaning and Glory”


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15 thoughts on “The Ministry of the Holy Spirit | Dr. David Jeremiah

  1. We need to see God as *revealed in the Bible* , not as we believe him in our minds, or in our Christian culture. 😊🙏👆🏼🔥

  2. Thank you for your ministry, Dr. Jeremiah. God has used you lately to minister to me. All glory to Him! 💓

  3. Dr Jeremiah has thought me so much.I found my self praying Lord help me to remember the verses I read then as I do I watch Jeremiah on YouTube or Facebook and he’s journal writing the scriptures down my prayer was answered thank Dr Jeremiah for you devotion and teaching God’s word.

  4. Thank you for sharing your teaching with me and other because I get so much help in how to study the Bible

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