“Changing Always Starts With Choosing” with Pastor Rick Warren

The ability to make moral choices is one of the greatest gifts that God has given to each of us. In fact, our choices shape our lives far more than our circumstances do. This is especially true in the area of our minds. Choosing what we think about, how we think about it, and what we allow into our minds affects our lives daily. This week, Pastor Rick takes a look at the first step toward a life reset—choosing to change what we think about.


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38 thoughts on ““Changing Always Starts With Choosing” with Pastor Rick Warren

  1. Dear Respected Pr Rick. Every message so blessing to our family and church too.

  2. Love you Pastor Rick Warren. I listen to you everyday and never miss a daily devotion. I work as nurse in a hospital in San Diego and I love Blasting your God inspired words while I’m here at work. Keeps me enduring and joy full and filled. Bless you! ❤️🙏🏻

    1. Thank you for serving others in God’s name. I had a GIST tumor removed from my abdomen up here in Temecula March 4th. I had a wonderful believing nurse named Vanessa that prayed with us and held me up when I was literally on my death bed. The 7lb tumor was successfully removed praise God. Im still recovering with muscle pain from the laparotomy but Im on my way. The work you do in the name of Jesus can never be repaid fully in this life. My family retained its hope because of Vanessa. God bless you and every patient you encounter.

    2. That’s cool I work at a nursing facility and like to listen in the early mornings. 🙏

    3. God Bless you. I pray you are doing much better throughout your recovery process. I cannot thank you enough for your kind heartfelt words. Bless you. Bless you. Bless you. Your message truly touched my heart and brought tears to my ears. Sometimes in my limited human understanding,, I get so tired and overwhelmed. You brought me tears of joy! Praise God for you! We serve such a Great God! May Our Precious Heavenly Father Bring you more Blessings, Encouragement and Comfort your way. ♥️🙏🥰😊

    1. I love that you posted the outline and I printed out this out so I can take notes during my study time. You guys are awesome. Bless you! ❤️🙏🏻

    2. Destructive thoughts fight for space in our minds everyday especially when things don’t go right. It’s a battle to fend them off and keep the right thoughts that come from the Word of God. It’s a conscious thing. May the Lord help us keep the right thoughts. I needed this message today. 🙏💐🇰🇪

  3. I love you too pastor Rick. I never miss your Daily Hope and am so grateful for my Saddleback Family.

  4. Pastor Rick Since I Found You In This Medía I Always Hear Your Sermons I Am So Blessed And Also Share Your Messages To Other People Hearing Your Awesome Teaching , Gods Blessings.

  5. Hi Rick, I watch u every day. You have changed my life over the last few years. My day feels empty if I miss your video.

  6. Gosh – – – – Pastor Rick Warren, this sermon is a message to me from God. I needed to hear every single thing you said. I tend to easily fall into worldly ways and slack off on my Bible. This message was a powerful tool to direct me back to the truth. Thank you for the tips of what to do and how to do them to help my daily faith walk. You are preaching your BEST sermons at this time! God bless you. Ty.

  7. The moment I start listening to you , my heart and my mind become relax and peaceful. God bless you Pastor Rick.

  8. Pastor Rick Warren we love you too ❤️… I thank God for you.. you’re amazing teacher…I never heard no other pastors teach like you…am a Christian for many years.. but until, I listened to Daily Hope.. I learning to walk with God … thank you again ♥️💟

  9. Pastor Rick and team- please pray for me I’m suffering from severe depression and hopelessness even to the point of no turning back. Please anyone reading this- I don’t want to take my life but it’s so hard when I’m hopeless and these thoughts won’t go away.

    1. …as pastor Rick has said , we should read God’s words, EVERY DAY!!! ❤️🙏🏻🌹❤️…PLEASE GOD PROTECT AND LEAD ,YOUR CHILD IN TROUBLE, LEAD HIM, SHOW HIM THE WAY, SPEAK TO HIM…THANK YOU DEAR LORD ❤️🙏🏻🌹…

  10. dear pastor rick l wanna personally thank you for sharing God’s word with us. i love u so much and may God continue to bless u and your family.

  11. Amen ✝️. Please everyone pray for me and my family. We are struggling 😥✝️

    1. May the good Lord meet the needs of you and your family and grant you peace as you work through your struggles, in Jesus’name Amen

  12. Another brilliant message from Ps.Rick on life skills and battle for the mind with very practical steps. Thank you God bless you.

  13. Amen from Shanghai, I thought it is a miserable thing being locked down for over 60days,what I did recent days is just crying everyday, what in my mind was all bad frustrating thoughts all these days,but hearing your summon I made my mind, from now on I will practice the instructions you gave applying to my daily life to reset my life. It’s a whole new start!!Thank you!! I will win in this battle!!

  14. Pastor Rick mentioned something so wise!(among many other quotes).. He said ” the reasons most people are ineffective and defeated is because they don’t know how fight the battle of the brain, what’s going on in their minds”

    Exactly how I feel right now!!

  15. “You arrive at the state of your thoughts.” Ron Carpenter
    My favorite qoute by Keith Herrell is this: “Attitude determines if your on the way, or if your in the way.”
    Fantastic message! Bless you Rick Warren ❤️👍👏😁😀

    1. God bless you Pastor Rick. You are such a unique teacher of the word. Thank you for being so faithful in answering the call God has placed into your life. You are so anointed. God bless you 😃

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