David Jeremiah video - Moses overcoming obstacles

Moses: Overcoming Tremendous Obstacles -Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

Welcome to this video by Dr. David Jeremiah on the story of Moses and his incredible ability to overcome obstacles in his life. Dr. Jeremiah explores some of the most daunting moments from his journey.

Moses: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles” by Dr. David Jeremiah

Through Moses’ story, Dr. Jeremiah reminds us that our lives can be transformed when we turn our hearts and minds towards God. We can worship Christ and seek His plan for us. We will also learn about how God is there for us in our darkest moments and can guide us through the toughest decisions and situations. Learn how to stay motivated when facing adversity and discover new tools for overcoming obstacles. Watch the video to begin!

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Moses: Overcoming Tremendous Obstacles -Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
Through the study of the life of Moses, we learn to overcome the obstacles in our own lives.

10 thoughts on “Moses: Overcoming Tremendous Obstacles -Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

  1. I am the man of God yes I’m in my sixties but I’m still looking for guidance from God and asking Him what is the next job he has for me

  2. Thanks Heavenly father for the the faithfulness you have given this Beautiful man of JESUS Christ!

  3. As much as I love you and highly respect you Dr. Jeremiah, I’m sad to say how utterly disappointed I am that you’d pay big money on a ‘designer’ puppy at a puppy farm as you were fully aware, when there are millions of poor pound puppies left to eventually die alone and unloved. Maybe not ‘special’ or a super cute designer puppy, none the less a living and innocent soul, due to no fault of their own, left to suffer , all wishing for a loving forever family , safe home. You, on a huge scale, reaching millions of followers , just supported puppy mills. Please educate yourself on what these breeders do and what these poor animals used up to breed, suffer – GREATLY!

  4. The bulk of Moses’ work for God happened after 80, Moses probably wrote Genesis in the desert herding sheep. I enjoyed the beep story! Good sermon.

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