What Did Jesus Say about Lust?

Moses Re-Writes the Ten Commandments

This is the second time Moses re-writes the ten commandments according to God’s instruction. The lesson from Exodus 34:6-7 covers the fact that sin can be passed along to children and through the generations. So, we need to learn and watch our behavior – and lifestyle. Bible Study Lessons from Exodus 34:6-7 In 40 days, Moses […]

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inner purity

Moses – Friend of God

Was Moses more special than the people of Israel? Was he more favored than you and I? Learn the answer to these questions and find why Moses was a friend of God in this Bible study from Exodus. Moses – Friend of God From Exodus 33:1-23 – 3 Questions… Yes, Moses became God’s friend. And, […]

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God speaks to Israel

God Speaks to Israel

The Voice of God – Speaking to Israel In this Bible study lesson from Exodus 20, we examine how God spoke to Israel in a loud voice along with a light show for effect. He needed to show the people His ultimate power in this case. But, sometimes He speaks with a faint whisper. Yes, […]

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