angel of God

Angel of God – Israel Gets Guidance and a Warning in Exodus 23

Angel of God

Who was this angel of God? Was it God in a different form?

These Bible verses from Exodus 23 cover the warning from God. He warns the Israelites (and us) about associating with others who are compelled to bring us into their way of thinking.

So, Let’s see what God says in Exodus to the people of Israel about the influence of “neighbors“.

angel of Godangel of God

Learn about the angel of God and how Israel was sent on a journey to the land promised them…

.. And, the warning He gave before they arrived.

The Angel of God Prepares the Way to the Promised Land

“Behold, I am going to send an angel before you to guard you along the way and to bring you into the place which I have prepared.

Be on your guard before him and obey his voice; do not be rebellious toward him, for he will not pardon your transgression, since My name is in him.” – Exodus 23:20-21 NASB

Angel of God Goes with the Israelites

In the first part of this reading, God sets aside 3 festivals for the Jewish people to celebrate annually.

But, our lesson revolves around the conquering of the promised land. And, it tells how God led his people. Yes, He promised them victory.

angel of Godangel of God

The Angel is Sent from God

God said He would send an angel to watch over and lead the people on their journey. In Exodus 23:21 He stated; “My name is in him“,

Many scholars agree that the angel was God – manifested in a form people could see and hear.

To clarify, in other chapters of Genesis and Exodus, God took on many forms. These forms included the burning bush and the pillar of fire.

So, this could be yet another way for God to come down to earth and be with His people personally.

Warning of Influence

The second section deals with a warning to the people. It warns not to associate too closely with nonbelievers, as their opinions could have a negative effect on the Jews and their beliefs.

angel of Godangel of God

Should Christians Associate with Non-Believers?

This is the life lesson I want to focus on for us as Christians. If we find ourselves living next to people with completely different lifestyles, we could be affected by their behavior and by their words.

If we call ourselves Christians, we should present ourselves as different from those around us.

Although this can be extremely difficult, pursuing a life of love and helpfulness can go a long ways toward bringing others to Christ.

“What You Do Speaks So Clearly – I Can’t Hear a Word You’re Saying”

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ identifier=”0310434637″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bobpardphot-20″ width=”109″]People judge us by our actions – not just by our words. So, if we have to act a bit different to obey and please God, it’s in our best interest to do so.

In Exodus 23, God gave a warning to His people. And, He gave insight to us as Christians. Let’s see if we can do better.

Love in Christ

– Bob

If you would like to learn more about the love and life-changing experience of Christ, please take a moment to read John 3:16.