Choose To Manage Your Mind with Rick Warren

— Have you ever noticed that your mind doesn’t want to obey you? That’s why it’s important to learn how to manage your mind. Because our thoughts control our life, our mind is a battleground for sin, but it’s also the key to peace and happiness. In this message with Pastor Rick Warren, you’ll learn about three choices you must make every day for a healthy mind.

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(Mind Management) (Healthy Mind) (Brain Health) (Make good choices) (Make wise choices) (Mind health) (Manage your mind) (Romans 12) (Feed your mind with truth) (Free your mind from destructive thoughts) (Focus your mind on right things) (Mental battle) (Mental fight) (Steps for mental strength) (Mind matters) (Spiritual health) (Healthy mind) (Why is your mind important) (Rick Warren)

23 thoughts on “Choose To Manage Your Mind with Rick Warren

  1. Thank you for this message 😊 I listen to this message before I go to school and I learned a lot from this 😊 and btw I have a book ” Pupose of driven Life” by Rick Warren and I Love it so much!! I wish I can have another book of warren. ❣ his books are amazing.It really change me and those book made me closer to God even more. 😊 thank you Rick Warren 😊

    1. It’s Jessy his books are great! Starting the day with a sermon like this really helps to make the rest of the day better 🙏
      If you’re interested in reading more books like the purpose driven life, you might like Strengthen the Soul of your Spiritual Leadership:
      I read it and it was transformational 🙌💕

  2. Hello Ricky from Manila. Glad to see you’re recovering quickly.. 😍😍😍 God bless you more.

  3. I truly believe the best sermons you preach, and gets my spirit up and I take another hard look at myself, is when you come out of hospital 😱
    Cheers Pastor Rick😘and get well asap❤️

  4. Thank you Pastor Rick for your great messages of the WORD OF GOD. YOUR MESSAGES HAVE TRULY BROUGHT ME CLOSER TO GOD. And the same way it has worked for me, I believe it would work for millions around the world. You are CHANGING lives and that’s a BLESSING FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND SADDLEBACK CHURCH. Thanks again and I pray that you’ll be better soon😀😃

  5. Uncle… my entire life and the way I think changed with just those first few verse of you book purpose driven life..
    It’s not about life is not for me…not even my wildest dreams and wishes but if God who created me….
    I can’t thank you enough for touching my life bringing me and million others closer to God.. Thank you Jesus for such wonderful people around the world. Love you all…

  6. Thank you for the message. I research on PULSE ELECTRO MAGNETIC FIELD Theraphy. I hope this technology can help you too. God bless from the Philippines

  7. This series is such an encouragement because Rick gives insight about the struggle of the MIND. In the mind is were the war is fought.

  8. Hi Pastor RIck, May God bless you with good health. I thank God leading me to your sermons.

  9. Pastor Rick, you’re helping me so much! Just recently found your channel. I’m taking notes! I think the mind is the hardest category. (At least for me it is) you cannot take a “vacation ” with your mind! Speedy recovery for you!
    Prayerfully yours,

  10. Three Daily Habits For a Healthy Mind:

    1. Feed your mind with the Truth
    2. Free your mind from destructive thoughts
    3. Focus your mind on the right things

  11. Praise the Lord
    Thanks a lot sir
    Nice sermon it’s inspired me .
    From Indian

  12. That is gorgeous!
    The same Rick Warren I’ve always known: warm, very well prepared, with a clear biblical useful and practical message.
    Thanks Rick

  13. So easier said than done. Only by all power available to us to fight & keep fighting. Exhausting.

  14. God bless you pastor Rick and keep you safe from all disesase. Your really man of God when I listen your sermons I really get blessings.

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