Before Amen (The Power of Simple Prayer) – Max Lucado

Author – Max Lucado
Scripture –
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Date – 2014-10-18
(Saturday Service)

30 thoughts on “Before Amen (The Power of Simple Prayer) – Max Lucado

  1. I’ve just got to share how I came upon this, so that whomever reads this may share in my praise.

    I’ve been really lead this year, to study and learn as much as I can about spiritual things, about which spiritual things I was unsure of. But I was feeling lead thusly so that I may have the skills to start a particular ministry, which I am so far alone in starting, because it is so specific. I have also been contemplating prayer and the paradoxes involved, and wondering how to really understand it, partly because I’ve been praying over a year for at least half a dozen bikini stands near the area where I live. Well, today is my day of rest, and I thought I may as well look for something on youtube, anything spiritual that I might better myself with, because I’ve been feeling so lost about what subjects I should even be focusing on this year. And Max Lucado came to mind, because I’ve heard friends talk about him, but completely forgot what they quoted to me or anything like that– and surely enough, the first several videos that showed up at the top of the list, when I typed in his name, were about prayer. I just love how In my confusion about prayer, God answered my prayer. And I wanted to share that!

    1. I forgot to mention, that this was also a huge encouragement to take those other things to God too.

  2. Amazing message. May I pray more and learn about the value of the most simple prayers

  3. So he took this opportunity to comment about a person running for President? Where was he when a serial adulterer ran? Wasn’t that one of the 10 commandments? How many times did Bill Clinton hold a bible? I remember several occasions. So this guy thinks he speaks for all Christians? How big is this guy’s ego?

    1. @Lumos Maximas So why don’t you stick to the topic. Where was this guy when Clinton was banging 21 year olds in the White House? Because this idiot agreed with Clinton politically, he shut his mouth. The truth hurts.

    2. +David Oh I see nothing about politics in this vid, but if you do, here’s something to consider. If you recall or were even born yet, there wasn’t the internet as we know it today around at the time of Bill Clinton’s election OR erections! Max Lucado wrote books and taught from his pulpit. Gain understanding from the Lord; He is always close-by and the Bible says He DELIGHTS in our prayers! How awesome is THAT?! Praying for you, David. Btw, have you looked at all the things the Lord did for David in the Bible? Awesome things, he wasn’t just a singer/songwriter! Your name is full of meaning in a biblical context. You may want to research it!

  4. Listen to minutes 6:40 – 7:15
    My prayer is that Max Lucado doent’t believe in Purgatory, it’s not even in the Bible. There is no such place to atone for sins! That’s what Jesus died and rose again for! Read Ephesians 1 and 2, and Paul’s testimony. For it is in Christ that you are saved, no-thing else will do. Praying for all those who need the love and grace and truth of Jesus.

    1. +My Agepetos I noticed that as well. He quickly said “purgatory” as if possibly a reformed Catholic but he did say it. Caught me off-guard too. Seems he caught it as well, look at the way he handled it, skimmed over it w another wording. Mgr also said the “so-called rapture,” which implies he doesn’t believe in it. I don’t either! The fact that if he DOESN’T believe in purgatory but said it MAY mean also that he knows Catholics may be watching and is using the language of that religion, just as Paul used Greek when he was in Greece. I’m speculating here, but that’s my opinion of his usage of the term.

    2. My Agapetos I noticed it, but I never made much of it. It was a jokenly way to show his point.

  5. What a great message! I had to pause the video several times to write down key thoughts. I thank God for you, +Max Lucado, my cousin pointed me to your teachings and I can’t get enough! I love the Lord with all my heart and when I find a true man/woman of God, (esp. one w a sense of humor!) I immerse myself in their teachings and take notes. Very insightful teaching here! Thank you and God bless you, brother!

  6. As a nurse I used this message to minister to my patients. As many of them are faced with diagnosis or illnesses that are not fix by doctors, I choose to share your message of hope in a difficult situation and I am always bless by their response. Thank you Mr Lucado.

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