31 thoughts on “Don’t Stare at the Weeds

  1. Thank you, Max, for your good words, as usual a blessing for us ! I would like prayers for the Quebec. They closed all the churches since a few weeks and when it will be open it’s going to be only for the vaccinated with the Qr. Many Christians are not vaccinated. We are praying and waiting to see what God will do. Thanks again and shalom !

    1. JEHOVAH JIREH. Praying for you and the brothers and sisters in JESUS under duress in your part of the world. Psalm 43:5 “Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why disturbed within me? Put your hope in GOD, for I will yet praise him, my SAVIOR and my GOD.”

  2. Thank you. Prayers for me to get my health back. To be protected from the virus during my training home. Amen

    1. Keep you in my prayers. May your day be filled with God’s beauty and endless blessings.♥️

  3. Thank you so much Max! I am sorry to say I am real good at finding weeds myself! I will remember this,and me and Jesus will stop it! With His help of course! God bless you always my friend!! 😊💗

  4. Thank you, Pastor Max, for this beautiful, encouraging word! God 🙏 bless you and everyone else here!

  5. Please pray for my kids who lost jobs because there aren’t vaccinated plus for the truckers here in Canada who are facing lay offs also because of the vaccine laws.

    1. Keep you all in my prayers. May your heart’s be filled with hope and faith…fill your day with praises of Thanksgiving, joy and peace. With much love from across the miles.♥️

  6. Thank you Pastor Max for this message. I ask for prayers to be able to travel to be with my kids and finally meet my grand boys. I haven’t seen them for several years… it was going to be a vacation trip for only 4 weeks 13 years ago. Thank you for all your prayers.
    Blessings to everyone and keep you all in my prayers from these far away skies of South America.♥️

  7. Wonderful encouragement, i’m guilty of looking for weeds, may I change my perspective😊🙏🏻

  8. I’ve asked for prayers here a few times in relation to difficulties with our daughter and her husband. She has now told us she doesn’t want us to contact her but we have become aware of her husbands lies and we now think she is under coercive control by him. There is not a lot we can do until she sees that for herself. Please pray God will shine his light into her darkness and He will protect her and the children from further harm. Thank you.

  9. Please pray for healing for me in all of my afflictions!! And strength to not keep falling to my bad habits when things go wrong!! But to seek Jesus!! In His mighty name Amen

  10. Max. This was so awesome and I needed to hear it. Also I ask for prayer for my husband who is 72 and just getting over pneumonia and a hospital stay resulting in needing oxygen at home around the clock. He is doing so much better, praise the Lord, but goes today to Oncology doctor for possible Lung cancer. Please pray for us. Thank you and may God bless you

    1. GOD BLESS you, “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” GOD always give us so many promises to hang on to, my father also has lung problems which I ask if you can pray for, but I know GOD’S made these promises to give us true HOPE, hope that won’t disappoint us, but even in the storm we can hold on to JESUS, I pray that you husband and yo have a long and healthy life, and eternity with GOD after, JESUS LOVES you so much 🙂

  11. Great book Brother, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book it enhanced my walk with our Lord blessing’s brother Max and sister Denalyn and family in Jesus holy name Amen xoxo

  12. Thankyou Max my Brother for your wonderful blessed work in Jesus Name,please pray for me your Brother in Christ Jesus Rob Taylor.

  13. Lord Jesus, Let love rain, like sweet mercy from heaven. Let mercy flow like waves and waves flowing richly from the heart of God. May love arise … may mercy come forth … may love and mercy bring forth hearts of compassion. Compassion for the lost, compassion for the thirsty, compassion for the hungry, compassion for the poor, compassion for the homeless, compassion for others. Not in just words or deeds done, but from the depths of the heart seeking to give Glory to God through open arms embracing the needs of others. May we look with the heart of God. May we see with his eyes or mercy and compassion and may we do all things to His Glory. For the river of God is love, may it flow richly through us. For the river of God is sweet mercy, may it flow richly through us. For the river of God is compassion, may they see it in our eyes, hear it from our hearts and see it through open arms embracing the needs of others. May we place others before ourselves and love like Jesus.

  14. Thank you, brother Max. Masterfully in delivery. But, beyond that, you spoke to me as I tend to go on weed hunts. How I miss the lilacs and darken the day, when I do so. Thanks again for this word.

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