“Fearless Living” with Pastor Rick Warren

“Fear not” is the most-used command in the Bible. Why? Because fear is humanity's most common problem. But Jesus offers you a way to live without fear. In this special Easter message, Pastor Rick Warren explains the benefits of the better life that’s offered in the miracle of Easter and Jesus’ resurrection.

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26 thoughts on ““Fearless Living” with Pastor Rick Warren

  1. I think this is changing my life! I´ve thought i´ve been a believer my whole life but i´ve also been extreamly fearful! This is the first time i´m starting to feel Gods love, peace and freedom! Though my highly questioning mind still asks this question: What then is reasonable precautions? I´m thinking we aren´t meant to run headfirst into danger?

  2. When Peter walked on water he had his focus on Jesus, when Peter become more aware of his circumstances he began to sink, so let’s keep our focus on Jesus and when circumstances start to overwhelm us let us not fear because Jesus is still with us , Peter called out to Jesus when he began to sink and the Lord reached out his hand,He will never leave us or forsake us

  3. Fearless life is to accept bad things as presents of GOD and to thank them and not to complain on them and to do our best to overcome them.

  4. Indeed if we have God in our life we need not to fear worry about anything. Thank you Pastor Rick for the wonderful message🙏 May God’s favor be with you as you continue to coach us to strengthen

  5. I Love you brother Rick . I Thank God For you . You are Wonderful brother and I Know Jesus Loves you Much More . God Continue to bless you . You are Loved by Him . Thank You brother For All the Good work you are doing . Your brother Ruben .

  6. I started my fast today and during prayer the spirit said to me find pastor Rick. This is the first sermon I’ve ever seen by him and I really needed to hear this!🥺♥️

  7. Dear Jesus. Please take away all my worries, fear, sin, and pain, in Jesus name. Deliver me, Oh Lord. Dear God I need You. You are God and I am not. Protect me from this evil, lying world. In Jesus Name, Amen.!

  8. Thank you pastor Rick. This is just what I needed today. You are indeed God’s messenger of truth and love in our lifetime.

  9. What a GREAT powerful message right from the heart of the Father. Full of Gods Grace and love.💓💝

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