The Hope Diamond of the Bible

Any serious consideration of the Christian faith must include this 26-word parade of hope: John 3:16. In this video, Max discusses how the "Hope Diamond of the Bible" begins with God and ends with life, and urges us to do the same.

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– Team Lucado

36 thoughts on “The Hope Diamond of the Bible

  1. Hallelujah and Amen. Thank you Father GOD for giving us YOUR ONLY SON that we might accept your free gift of HIS sacrifice for our Salvation….🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️✝️✝️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you for every prayer. Please remember our family as each one has an ongoing battle with satan.

  3. I’m asking for prayers and God’s grace for my family. My Dad (Neil) has been placed under hospice care due to pancreatic cancer. This is a difficult time for Dad and my family. The physical pain he is experiencing is clear and it’s so difficult to watch. We feel helpless at times. We are leaning on God for strength as we prepare to loose Dad. Thank you.

    1. God’s peace and blessing to you in this very sad time. I hope your dad, Neil, can find relief from pain and your family can weather this storm with God’s love to undergird you.

  4. I am so old I memorized that verse in the KJV. “…WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH ON HIM…” Yes, we are all the whosoever…Raise a Praise!

    1. Robin, you are not so old, you are older than yesterday, right? BUT you are younger than tomorrow!

      Beautiful WORDS from our Abba Father.

  5. New to your channel. God bless ♥️ South Africa 🙌. Can’t fully comprehend how precious and amazing God is…

  6. Please pray for me that the Lord will show me where He wants me to live in the coming year. Thank you. I love Max Lucado.❤

  7. Pray for my son to be delivered from depression, anxiety and addictions 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you!

    1. In Jesus name May he be delivered from depression, anxiety and addictions and may he be filled with Gods Holy Spirit

  8. Thank you Father God, for your eternal life, your Word made flesh, Jesus-Christ your one and only son !

  9. Thank you, I need prayer, my mom (Lena M.) passed away last year and I’m struggling to go on without her, she loved the Lord so much and was so sweet and would help everyone who was in need but she helped me the most. You see I don’t drive so she took me everywhere, we spent 10hrs each day together and I am stuck at home a lot now. She was an usher at Oak Hills Church for many years and she gave out lots of hugs 🤗 I know she is in heaven and that is where I want to be.

    1. And your Mom, Lena, is still giving hugs. I am so sorry your heart is hurting right now. My Dad gave me these words of his wisdom before he passed away. He said, “bid your time you won’t always feel like this.” It is true that you will have a Mom hole in your heart BUT keep His HOPE to fill that emptiness. You will see and feel her hugs again.

      My prayer for you, “Abba Father You know Tori’s needs. I ask for my sister in Christ Jesus is that You will fill ALL her needs.
      AMEN & AMEN”

  10. Thank you so much I treasure the gift of your teaching and how you bring us back to Jesus Christ. ✝️👆🏻❤️🙏

  11. Thank you Pastor Max! Your words of inspiration are such a blessing. I ask for prayers for my brother, Tom, who is facing spinal surgery and my mother, Barbara who is battling dementia. Thank you Father for your new mercies each and every day.

  12. Thank you. Prayers for my daughters and my covid results to be negative and to be available now. Amen

  13. This is a verse that brings tears to my eyes. I believe that you’re right about it being the Hope Diamond of the Bible. Only better because we can ALL have its promise.

  14. Please pray for safe travels and God’s overwhelming comfort and presence of peace as our family travels to attend my mother in laws services. Thank you and God bless you always!

  15. Thank you for this message Mr. Lucado; I shed several tears listening to this message. My fiancé left me several months ago and I started a new job as a teacher at a different school. I’ve tried to get to know my coworkers and make friends but most days the only people that talk to me are my students, and then it’s to the house I go work on school work and to be alone some more. My PhD is wearing me down but I have hope. Loneliness can be unbearable sometimes, but this message helped me to smile this morning. Thank you.

  16. Thank you Max for these wonderful and hopeful messages. I so enjoy them! We are struggling financially and emotionally due to a failed business. The lawsuits are many and we just can’t seem to make anything work. I often wonder if I have done something to anger God and receive this punishment. I know God does not punish people but it sure seems like it. Our hope is waning but your daily messages keep me going. God bless you.

  17. Thank you for your ministry, it has often encouraged me. Please pray for salvation for my husband, kids and granddaughters.

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