The Joy of Stephen

The Joy of Stephen

Partially about Christian persecution along with a door-to-door mission, The Story of Stephen shares a lesson for all.

Christian Children’s Story – The Joy of Stephen

As kids, Julie and Phillip were always a bit nervous when their Daddy took them door to door to share Jesus with people in town. Daddy loved doing it so they decided to learn how to do it too.

Their church’s assistant pastor usually accompanied them. Most people were friendly, and sometimes they invited them in, and sometimes the pastor or Daddy would pray with the people to accept Jesus as their Savior.

A man once answered the door who didn’t come from our country, and his skin was dark. He was wearing a turban on his head. It appeared that the man was preparing to come out and hurt daddy when daddy told him about Jesus. In response to this, the pastor excused them from the man and they walked to a nearby bench.

Phillip asked in fright, “What was wrong with that man?” Why does he have that hat on his head?”?”

“That is a man God loves just as he loves you and me, Phillip. Now let’s pray for him.” And they did right there on the bench and they all felt better.

“But Daddy,” Phillip interrupted. “It seemed like he wanted to hurt us. Does that mean we were wrong in what we were doing?” Daddy explained that the man was from another religion. This meant he didn’t understand that they were there to give him eternal life.

Daddy asked Julie and Phillip, “Do you remember Stephen’s story?” and he began telling it to them. Daddy is an amazing storyteller because he was able to make them feel as if they were right there with the characters.

As Phillip and Julie looked around at the huge crowd of angry looking people, their Daddy grabbed hold of their hands. He took them straight into the Bible story he was telling.

“We’re in the story, Phillip. Stephen is being hated. See you over there?”

As the children moved through the herd of shouting people, they finally saw him. He stood out from the crowd, dressed all in white. “Phillip!” Julie called out. “Stephen.”

They, along with their Daddy, ran and kneeled in front of people watching as their father whispered: “Kids, over here.”

As Julie looked over Stephen’s shoulder, she looked scared and nervous. “Why do they all seem so mad?” Julie asked.

Her Daddy replied, “They don’t want him to tell you about Jesus.”.

In amazement, Phillip said, “Daddy, he doesn’t seem scared.” I’d be terrified if everyone was mad at me.”

Daddy whispered, “Can you hear him?” His kids sat up and listened intently.

Julie finally observed. “He’s praising Jesus, Daddy. He’s thanking Jesus that he’ll be able to die for God and suffer for him. I don’t understand.” She cried.

The Lord sacrificed for us, so it’s an honor to go through such things as he did. Stephen is full of the Holy Ghost, so he doesn’t suffer. See his face? It’s full of joy.

He replaces fear and pain with joy and praise when we go through difficult things for Him. Now let’s go back. Dinner will be ready soon.”

Then they moved to the back of the crowd, where Julie noticed a wrap that looked like it belonged to Stephen. She reached out to grab it, but an older boy grabbed it first. She looked him in the eye.

She asked the boy, “Why are you crying?”.

The boy said, “I’ve always hated Christians, little girl. But the joy Stephen makes me want to have that joy too.”

As they sat at the dinner table, Mommy asked, “Well, Julie, who was that boy you talked to before coming home?”?”

She smiled and knew Daddy would take the children on another journey. They didn’t talk about it anymore. “I don’t know Mommy. He called him Saul of Tarsus.” The children would be able to learn more about how this Saul boy turned out as a result.

“Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” ~ Matthew 5:10

I hope the Christian children’s story about persecution and the joy of Stephen from Making Christ Known touched your heart. Please visit often to read others. Thank you so much for visiting. In Christ – Bob