“Making a Plan to Improve Your Life” with Pastor Rick Warren

Whether we like making plans or not, the truth is that it’s impossible to build a better life for ourselves without a plan. In this message, Pastor Rick Warren gives us Nehemiah’s seven-step planning model to partner with God as we make plans.

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22 thoughts on ““Making a Plan to Improve Your Life” with Pastor Rick Warren

  1. MAN! Who needs NEtfilx!??? This is Awesome! THANK YOU GOD. Bless You pastor Rick!

  2. Hi Paster Rick, this is so eye openinig and awakening to the mind and soul. Thank you so much

  3. So practical and inspiring- Thank you! Bless you Pastor Rick for sharing your teaching 🙏

  4. The four months wait time was spent gathering information, planning, anticipating needs, costs, etc… it was not wasted, for when the opportunity presented itself, he was ready and all was granted – up to arriving at the city.

  5. The perfect lesson in Devine timing. Praise God and thank you Pastor Rick 🙏🏻💕

  6. Wow….the world needs to hear this! Thank you so much Rick! I’m sharing this with everyone I know!

  7. This is a good place for me to start putting my life back on track, for idleness is the devils work shop! 👍🙏😇

  8. Thank you for the great sermon, Pastor Rick! This is exactly what I need to listen to.

  9. One thing that I did notice is pastor did leave off that when we plan we need to pray that our plan aligns with the will of the father bc our plans may not turn out the way we expected bc it wasn’t part of god’s plan.

  10. Dream without a deadline is “Just a empty wish” well said man of God

  11. Thank you so much Pastor Rick! Am glad to find the teachings. Very impactful!

  12. Pastor Rick,with lots of love and respect to the most knowledgeable. practical, heavenly blessed child of God,first if all I love you sooooooooo much.You are doing an amazing job in His kingdom.Dont give up at any cost.Its his word sharing that’s your purpose,we do not know who is next,but we do know you are the best Pastor.There is so much I have learnt from you.Its too early for you to retire Pastor.I understand it’s difficult,as per what you shared with us about your next plans.But by giving up from your assignment, you will see so many of us in need to be a part of such a great church with an amazing spiritual Father like you.Love you lots.Stay blessed. 🙏

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