The Exodus

The Exodus – Pharaoh Says “GO”

Bible Study Lesson from Exodus 12:31-50

The ExodusThis is the actual day of the Exodus. Finally, Pharaoh tells Israel to leave Egypt under their own terms.

After 400 years of bondage in Egypt, Israel is set free by Pharaoh. Well, in reality they were set free by God.

So begins the great exodus of Israel out of Egypt.

God worked through Moses and Aaron through the Passover along with other great miracles. He brought a great nation to its knees!

Israel is Set Free – The Exodus

Then he called for Moses and Aaron at night and said, “Rise up, get out from among my people, both you and the sons of Israel; and go, worship the Lord, as you have said.

Take both your flocks and your herds, as you have said, and go, and bless me also.” – Exodus 12:31-32 NASB

Israel Leaves Egypt – How Many People in This Exodus Multitude?

The passage from Exodus says about 600,000 men. The Hebrews did not normally count women and children so the numbers could have been much, much higher.

On the other hand, the Israelites often used any “big” number to estimate crowds too large to count. This fact makes the exact numbers virtually unknown.

The Egyptians Join in The Exodus

One other point about the number of people in the Exodus. There may have been other people traveling with them. Some were Egyptians who witnessed the great miracles of God and wanted to be a part of the Hebrew’s faith.

Some were neither Egyptians nor Israelites who also left Egypt. Some scholars put the numbers up as high as two million!

Faith to Change

It takes faith for us to move from one city to another, even with a well thought plan. These people left their homes and their lives with very little in way of provisions and no specific planning of what to do next.

We will learn in future Bible study lessons about manna from heaven which the Israelites ate for forty years in the wilderness.

Oh, by the way – In my loose translation manna means food provided miraculously.

God Will Provide – Exodus on Faith

[easyazon_image align=”left” height=”160″ identifier=”0718079868″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”bobpardphot-20″ width=”106″]In other words, when God asks us to do something for Him, He will always supply what’s needed to finish the job – just as He did with Israel.

No task is too big for God!

Love in Christ

– Bob

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